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Master of Oneness

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The advanced training of the “Master” Program expands your sense of self and helps you to deliver the skills others need to capture. You will also receive all of the lessons and benefits of both the “Grow” and “Heal” Memberships.

$199 for lifetime access to discover your purpose.


Dr. Seng is a practicing psychiatrist who has assisted over 25,000 people discover their life's purpose!

Full access to 100+ Master videos. Each month, receive a new video on a relevant topic from Dr. Michael Seng. Watch as many times as you like.

Unleash your neurobiology and broadening your Empathic reach

Discover Buddhist concepts and the wisdom of Compassion

Realize frustration is a call from your subconscious for integration.

Expand your personal effectiveness in small and large group settings

This series of 3 meditations are available with the Master membership for a limited time, and are designed to accelerate your results. You cannot buy these life-changing meditations, they are only available as bonus when you join.

Bonus: When you join the Master membership today, you will receive exclusive access to the Oneness Meditation series absolutely free (a $29.00 value).

Are you ready to discover the neurobiological mechanisms of personal growth?

Would you enjoy integrating the mind-body-spirit dimensions of your life?

Are you responsible for the growth and wellbeing of other people?

This program is the perfect fit for you!

Mothers and Fathers

Psychiatrists, Psychologists and Social Workers

Complementary & Alternative Medicine Professionals

Physical, Occupational, Yoga and Massage Therapists

You will learn how to:

Who is this training program for?

Life and Business Leaders and Coaches

Educators and Spiritual teachers

Physicians and Nurses

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What People Have Said About This Course

Kim W.

The Master series has taught me how to 'own' who I truly am. I’m learning to respect others for who they truly are and to use the gifts I have been blessed with from my Spiritual Source. Invaluable lessons for everyone. I am living joyfully because of the Oneness Approach!

The Grow, Heal, Master Video Series has really helped me to grow along my journey of becoming a clinical mental health practitioner. Dr. Michael Seng offers great knowledge and insight that speaks to me on a deeper, more meaningful level. He provides great instruction on how to properly channel my “empathic” energy when dealing with others to obtain the most effective results. He inspires me to want to strengthen and nourish my relationship to my-self, with others and with my spiritual source allowing for personal growth, happiness, and optimal well-being.


Dr. Seng's videos have helped me get through a very tough part of my journey with great compassion. Without his guidance and care, I do not believe I would be where I am today.


Sharing these videos with my family really helped us understand what was going on in my life. We stopped blaming and started loving each other again. Thank you!