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Meet Michael

Dr. Michael Seng, founder of the Oneness Approach.

Are you struggling, feel abandoned by God, judged by others, don’t know how to apply your faith or simply haven’t found a reason to believe?

I created the Oneness Approach to help those who may have given up on God and can’t make sense of what’s going on in their life. My grandmother taught me the power of loving kindness as she gave life to the words in her Bible. Ever so humbly, she would listen to the people who showed up on her front porch each day. Her Bible in one hand and me in the other, she simply listened.

Depressed, anxious, confused and condemned, they stepped onto her porch. I was very young, and they appeared scared and scary. At first, they spoke haltingly with eyes averted. Most had experienced unspeakable pain that broke their heart and their spirit. Whether they became depressed, angry or simply anxious, they all felt judged by those around them who inappropriately used the words of the Bible to cast doubt on their faith and the power of God's forgiveness.

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I am very blessed to have met and worked with Dr. Seng. He has helped me get through a very tough part of my journey with great compassion. Without his care and generosity I do not believe I would be where I am today.


Quite simply, he cares.


I would highly recommend Dr. Seng to friends. His holistic approach help guide me from a dark place in life to a healthy, more whole person. His innate ability to help me find center and celebrate what is unique in me was so special.


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Grow in Oneness

If you’re new to the Oneness Approach, this is where to begin! Join Dr. Seng each week as he opens the door to your future life, explaining how the Oneness Approach will help you grow in your relationship with your unconscious mind, in your perception of self, and in your relationships with others. You’ll develop genuine confidence, discover abilities you never knew you had, and learn the principles of meaningful, inspiring and lasting relationships.

Heal in Oneness

Once you’ve implemented the principles of Oneness in your life, you can begin the process of self-exploration, reflection and integration that will enable you to identify limiting memories, perceptions and habits. Dr. Seng will gently guide you through understanding where you are on your journey and how you’ve gotten there. You’ll discover how it is possible to become trapped by the past-your memories and your attachments to them - and how you can overcome any obstacle in your life through a healthy love and forgiveness of yourself and everyone in your life. This is a must for anyone suffering from addiction, depression or common behavioral disorders!

Master of Oneness

For those interested in discovering the most powerful application of Oneness principles in their own lives and the lives of others, the Oneness Master Membership is an extraordinary opportunity to learn from Dr. Seng’s experience working with tens of thousands of people over 25 years. You’ll discover how to unleash your neurobiological potential, allowing you to dramatically increase your personal effectiveness in both intimate and public events. You’ll discover the source of frustration and fear, and how to healthily tap into these emotions for maximum personal growth and development. This membership is a graduate level education and training opportunity for parents, business leaders, educators, therapists and anyone interested in transformation.

Your Healing Touch Course

Your Healing Touch Audio Series

This powerful audio series helps you to open up your subconscious, that innermost mind that knows all and remembers all. If you’ve ever struggled with negative thoughts about yourself or others, or if you have painful memories that you’ve not been able to peacefully reconcile, Dr. Seng will show you how to gently ‘tease apart’ those feelings and memories, to find strength and inspiration from those apparent weaknesses and to discover the peace and the wisdom that comes from a realization of who you are, how special you are and how you can help yourself and others.

The Oneness Approach 30 Day Challenge

Would you like to quickly and easily reprogram your subconscious mind for maximum performance in every area of your life? What if you could overcome any suffering or past trauma and discover how to heal broken relationships and achieve lasting happiness in just 30 days? This course is changing lives! Dr. Seng opens his office and his home and shares the most intimate moments of his day, showing through example exactly how the Oneness Approach should be lived and loved. If you are hurting, lost, frustrated, anxious or just curious, invest 30 days in a mind, body and soul rejuvenation and take a confident first step into the rest of your life!

Clinician Mentor Course

Clinician Mentor Video Course

Dr. Seng’s masterpiece is a post-graduate level course for therapists, physicians and other professionals who are devoted to the service and care of others. Discover the secrets to operating at your full potential, avoiding burnout and establishing a culture of love and compassion wherever you are. Plus, you’ll learn how to quickly and easily establish powerful, intimate relationships with patients and help even the hardest cases experience dramatic, rapid improvement in just a few sessions. For the clinician who really loves helping others and wants to change the world one life at a time, this highly-rated course is a must!

Building Your Presence

This free, four part video mini-course explains how we fall into habits that unintentionally limit our ability to establish relationships with others, how we fail to communicate effectively and how we unknowingly limit our influence with others. Dr. Seng shares powerful methods to generating authentic confidence so you can act with passion and inspire others, create meaningful and long-lasting relationships and help others to experience the joy and peace that comes with the Oneness Approach.

The Grow series has sent me down a path of self-discovery, growth, and understanding of why I feel the way I do and what choices I need to make to become a better me.

Kim W.
Kim W.

Sharing these videos with my family really helped us understand what was going on in my life. We stopped blaming and started loving each other again. Thank you!


The Grow, Heal, Master Video Series has really helped me to grow along my journey of becoming a clinical mental health practitioner. Dr. Seng provides great instruction on how to properly channel my "empathic" energy when dealing with others to obtain the most effective results.


The Heal series has been instrumental in keeping me on track to improve my relationships with others and my Spiritual Source. I have learned how to use my strengths for the higher good. Thank you, Dr. Seng!

Kim W.
Kim W.

In the Master Video Series, Dr. Seng inspires, me to "think outside of the box". His knowledge and insights awaken a deeper level of understanding that encourages me to develop a more soulful relationship with myself, with others, and with my spiritual source.


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