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West of Lakewood, Ohio

Dear fellow spiritual traveler,

It was a typically cold and dreary winter morning when I rolled over in bed to find my wife staring at me.  It wasn’t a soft, in-love kind of stare, that kind that warms your heart and beckons you...I knew something was up -- but what she said next shocked me:

“I don’t love you any more.  Get out of the house.  
I never want to see you again.”

She didn’t act angry or sad.  She said it like she was cancelling our Netflix subscription.  Except she was cancelling ME.

I had retired from the Coast Guard the day before.  This was supposed to be one of the most exciting times of our lives.  Instead, I was homeless and on my way to becoming destitute.  

From the couch of my friend’s apartment on the west side of Cleveland just days later, I read the accusations in her petition for divorce.  Everything she had complained about for 18 years was true.  I was a bad husband, an absent father of three and an unreliable life partner.  I offered no defense.

She got everything.  Not just the house, the cars, the kids, and 60% of
my military pension; she gleefully ripped my heart out and stomped on it.

I had never hated anyone before, but I am a quick study and I hated that woman with a fire that burned bright day and night.  Any pain or discomfort I felt over the course of the day was a reminder of her place in my life.  The sleep she stole from me at night was just her claim on one more aspect of my existence.

In just 30 days, people who had suffered terrible abuse,
abandonment and tragedy were rebuilding their lives and relationships.

I couldn’t deny the feeling that welled up inside of me-I wanted this for myself.  I was exhausted by the round the clock effort to remain angry, and the energy it took to remain enslaved by the memory of a woman I now hated more than I had ever loved.  I told Patrick I wanted whatever it was that this guy was doing.

A few minutes later my phone beeped and I had an email invitation to meet Dr. Michael Seng online, through a course of his called “The 30 Day Oneness Challenge”.  I admit that I rolled my eyes when I saw that.  I didn’t want to be ‘one’, I wanted to be happy.  Maybe a pill to make me forget the previous 18 years and six months of my life?

I was too greedy for what Patrick had though, so I grabbed a cup of coffee and my laptop and began watching.

I learned that Dr. Seng is a world-renowned neurobiologist, psychiatrist and genuine thought leader.  He has taught and lectured all over the world, helping thousands of people change their lives through the application of time-tested, practical techniques.  I started to imagine Tony Robbins but with a couple of medical degrees and patients instead of raving fans

I sat back in my chair, mouth open, staring at the ceiling.  Over the laptop speakers I heard Dr. Seng telling me how to breathe, and when I took that
slow and deep breath, I felt the hatred, envy and tension flow out of me.

For the first time in my adult life, I felt like something essential had changed inside of me.  The mental habits I had formed over the last six months flooded my mind with images; of my wife, my three children, my possessions….but my relationship to those images had changed.  I was conscious of the emotions I felt in response to those images, but I now recognized that I was not those emotions-I merely felt them.  I had the choice whether to align myself with those emotions, in effect, to allow those emotions to rule me, or to dismiss them as I might swipe a notification away on my smartphone.

I don’t know how long I sat there on that couch.  It was dark by the time I stood up, and by then I had clicked through and watched several more days’ worth of videos (don’t tell Dr. Seng!).  I had never been a religious person before, but I suddenly understood why some people talked about an ‘epiphany’ moment in their life. I knew that day that things had changed for me forever, and it was all thanks to Dr. Seng.

These videos are more like Dr. Seng allowing his best friend to peek over
his shoulder as he goes about the day, observing life and reflecting
on our human nature, and why we feel and think the way we do.

In the video from day 6, I realized that I did not know how to have a proper conversation.  I speak too quickly, don’t really listen to others, and instead think about what I’m going to say next.  Do you do that?

Dr. Seng provides a quick and easy tool to change this old habit immediately, opening up the possibility for quick, deep and lasting relationship development ... and even repairing damaged relationships.

I could spend days telling you about everything I learned in the 30 Day Oneness Approach course, and even more about what has changed in my life.

For example, Dr. Seng teaches how to:

  • Open up your subconscious so you can quickly build relationships
  • Resurrect and repair old, lost or broken relationships
  • Breathe deeply and powerfully to ‘reset’ your mind or emotions
  • Develop new and lasting habits in just moments a day
  • Travel into the past to understand your feelings and habits
  • Quickly and easily develop a powerful meditation process you can use anywhere and anytime!

And you’ll even learn how to access your subconscious mind and find out what’s going on in there!  (This one is life changing so don’t try it unless you want to really transform your life!)

As I look back on my notes, I realize I’m just barely scratching the surface here.  For example, on day 15 alone, Dr. Seng uses a surprising and powerful, yet simple method to show you:

  • How to develop focus instantly and harness tremendous energy
  • Why every thought, every emotion leaves a permanent and lasting mark on you and others
  • How multitasking literally divides you and causes you to be less effective and happy
  • How to use something as simple as a commute to revolutionize your life and relationships
  • The secret to the mind that even many psychologists don’t understand
  • How to always stay at ‘home’, regardless of your location or circumstances

And a powerful warning sign or ‘red flag’ that you’re not practicing authentic mindfulness!  (Lots  of people are talking about mindfulness these days but Dr. Seng actually understands and practices it!)

I have to tell you, I’ve watched a lot of people online, and in videos.  It seems that everyone wants to jump on the bandwagon of personal development, meditation and breathing.  But Dr. Seng is exceptional and different, because in these videos he is open, personal, humble, transparent and obviously deeply compassionate.  It’s no wonder that he has been so successful at helping thousands of people change their lives for the better.

  • Develop precisely the right energy level and composure for any situation
  • Transition from one role, function or relationship in your life to another one
  • Develop instant rapport, even in difficult, awkward or emotionally charged settings
  • Practice radical gratitude every day in simple but meaningful ways
  • Grow mentally, emotionally and spiritually and overcome suffering
  • Be closer to your higher spiritual power and remain in union all the time

And a neat little technique to do when you first wake up in the morning that will change your life in profound ways.

There is so much more I could tell I came to forgive myself and others and embrace them exactly as they are, how I’ve been able to repair relationships by recognizing the origin of conflict and accepting responsibility and then moving on….how I now rely on mental and spiritual practices as a source of strength rather than alcohol or anger as a dangerous and unfulfilling crutch.

I’m so excited about the life changing impact Dr. Seng and the 30 Day Oneness Course has had on me, I could ramble on forever, but I don’t want you to take my word for it.  Watch what these other students have to say about the course:

Just imagine yourself 30 days from now….After you’ve learned how to open up your own subconscious mind, and integrate fully with your spiritual source, and develop instant and deeply meaningful relationships with others, what will change in your life, career and relationships?

If you are anything like me, you may find that the world is a far more colorful, exciting and fascinating place to live.  You’ll discover how to live so that life happens FOR you, rather than TO you.

You’re going to learn how to live free of guilt, anxiety, fear and worry.  
You’re going to learn how to live a life of authentic, lasting joy.

This kind of life change might scare some people.  You might discover that old friends have been hanging around by a sort of gravity ... and now that you’re on the move they’re stuck behind.  You’re going to discover new friends, maybe they’ve been there all along and you didn’t realize it, people who share your love of life and people and sense of peace.

As you discover that your subconscious mind possesses the ultimate roadmap to living with confidence and a sense of purpose, you’re going to find that it’s easier to make decisions and achieve your dreams.  You’ll see in uncertain, choppy waters a clear course for yourself-and others.

What’s all this worth?

From the beginning of time mankind has been seeking these things.  All people, in all places and times want to live peacefully, free from fear and want, in control of themselves, their emotions, and their mind, one with god and one another.  

We can see in the world around us the consequences of lives lived without this precious knowledge.  If we look closely, we might even see it in our own lives, but that realization also opens our eyes and minds to the possibilities of change.  And it’s a change you can’t walk into a store and buy.

But Dr. Seng wants as many people to be able to take advantage
of this life-changing information as possible, so he’s priced this
30 day course for just $49.

You can’t even get a single 60 minute session with a competent therapist for that price!  

Plus, for a limited time, Dr. Seng is also making available an additional seven days of coaching-valued at $495-absolutely free.

"If you enroll in the 30 Day Oneness Challenge and don’t experience
extraordinary transformation in your life, send us an email at any time
during the 30 days and we will promptly refund your course tuition.”

You’re going to be inspired. You’re going to experience to success and growth in your own life and in your relationships. The cost of this course is nothing compared to the happiness and fulfillment you’ll discover.

And it’s all just a click away. Access the course right now:  Click here

Enroll now and join Dr. Seng and thousands of other people on the path to Oneness.


Duane Allen

P.S. I almost forgot! It doesn’t matter if you’ve grown up in a traditional religious environment, or with none at all, or if you’ve been studying spirituality and mindfulness for years. Dr. Seng has been developing these methods in his own practice over 30 years with great success. It’s not what you bring to the course that matters, it’s the potential in you that makes transformation possible, and YOU have all the potential for transformation you require. Take this one, easy, risk-free step, and join thousands of your fellow spiritual travelers today. Here’s the link one last time: 
Oneness Approach 30-Day Challenge

Six months after my wife neutered me in front of 30 other miserable couples in the county courthouse, I woke up to my ever-present headache and a phone call from a man who had once been my best friend.  It was a phone call that not only saved my life, but transformed everything about it.

Patrick had retired from the Coast Guard and was on fire about life.  Only his fire illuminated him, motivated him, attracted people and seemed contagious.  The fire in my heart that I stoked every day was ferociously cold and dark and somehow never completely consumed what it painfully burned away.

Patrick told me about a neurobiologist who had found a way to help people ‘hack’ their subconscious and find lasting joy, 
regardless of the suffering and pain of their past.

In truth, I discovered that Dr. Seng is a warm and welcoming man who exudes love and compassion.  Over the last 20 years he’s traveled extensively sharing how he has helped people to transform their lives by the fusion of modern neurobiological discoveries and proven eastern principles of conscious living and loving.  
The philosophy he has developed and which has proven so successful in the lives of his patients and students is called “Oneness”.  This oneness-with self, with a spiritual source and with others, helps people to identify the source of pain and suffering in life, to become reconciled with it and understand it, and to move forward in life, free from the bondage of those old memories.  It’s a way of living that allows you to achieve your full potential, your life dreams, and joy that lasts.

As word has spread about the transformative power of this lifestyle, demand for Dr. Seng’s time has soared, and so he took the time to produce a video course that would be available 24/7, anywhere in the world.

As I watched the first video in the 30 day course I got goosebumps.  I actually felt like my mind was opening up.  How is it possible to ‘feel’ your mind open up like a flower in bloom?  I don’t know, but the experience had a tremendous impact on my life.  In that very moment, I began to see things in a new way, almost as if I had put on a special pair of glasses.

More than just seeing, I felt something; I realized that I had spent my entire life pursuing whatever I thought would make me happy in that moment, without regard to the wellbeing of others, or even myself, and without thought about the future.  I had my own sort of perverse ‘Oneness’, except it was a oneness with my selfish, two-year old toddler self.  I wanted what I wanted.

Dr. Seng

Over the coming days and weeks I watched and re-watched Dr. Seng’s videos over and over. Some were short and sweet, others were 30 minutes long.  In the videos, Dr. Seng is often just going about his day, using the normal routine to share a lesson he’s learned from 30 years in practice.  Other times, he’s on the couch, interviewing another physician, and sometimes he’s on the deck at home in t-shirt and blue jeans.  

Dr. Seng’s lessons are unlike the formal, academic, classroom lectures you might get from other successful professionals.  It’s an intimate exchange of the most valuable life lessons he’s learned over a lifetime of loving, living and helping others.

What Dr. Seng teaches isn’t conceptual, head-in-the clouds kind of things. Everything is very practical, realistic, use-right-away kind of stuff. For example, Dr. Seng teaches you how to:

You are going to learn the true power of your mind and all that it has stored away for you to leverage with focus, energy and confidence.  You’ll have a newfound peace about you that might shock those who have known you before.  

So, I have to be honest with you about something….this 30 day course is not for everyone.  If you join Dr. Seng on this 30 day challenge (or what I call a 30 day ‘blessing’), you’re not going to be the same person at the end of the course.  You’re going to see yourself and others in dramatically different (and improved ways).

But you can have all this and much more thanks to the generosity of Dr. Seng.  If you were to fly around the world, book a few nights in a hotel, and sneak into one of his private conferences, you could easily spend $5,000 or $10,000 and get just a few minutes of his time.

If you could buy up his time every day for a month, you could spend a small fortune picking his brain.  Other teachers, speakers and leaders charge as much as $795 for online courses offering far less.

The rage that consumed me left room for little else in my life but alcohol.  A vodka and orange juice in the morning chased away the nightmarish reminders of my past life, the gin and tonic for lunch helped me tolerate the other miserable people at the bar that had become my new home, and the dirty Martinis at the end of the day made sure I was incapable of acting on the violent thoughts which increasingly occupied my consciousness.

Just one day in this course can change your life.  It did mine.  But Dr. Seng is giving you 30 days of life changing material.

I know that some of what I’ve said here might be a little hard to believe.  If you had told me just a portion of this just six months ago, I would have thought you were crazy.  In truth, it was ME that was crazy ... enslaved to a subconscious mind that was stuck at two years old.  

However, I don’t want you to trust me, or the others who’ve taken the course.  Listen to Dr. Seng’s promise:

In one of the early videos, I listened closely how Dr. Seng explained that our brains are wired by and through our relationships-with ourselves, with our spiritual source and with friends, family and acquaintances.  I began to understand how my habits had come to form how I perceived myself and others, and why it was almost inevitable that by repeating those thoughts and actions every day I was all but guaranteeing a certain (negative) outcome.  Dr. Seng gave me a little 2 minute daily ‘trick’ to replace old habits with new ones.  A 2 minute daily ‘trick’ that makes possible the little daily changes that make possible a total transformation.

I learned how to breathe properly, so that the neurons in my brain are energized and aligning the left and right side of my brain, so I can recognize and resist temptations towards selfishness and self-destructive or limiting behavior and cultivate the desire to want all of the things for other people that I want for myself.

"I am learning more about myself and  questions I need to find the answers to things I never thought about." - Nicole V

"I'm very pleased and I wish I would have started earlier because this is exactly what I need and want in my life." - Blake S