Hello, I'm Dr. Michael Seng, founder of the Oneness Approach.

I am a practicing physician, double board certified in both internal medicine and psychiatry.  For over 30 years, my private practice has been dedicated to helping people experience sustained happiness in their relationships. Over the years, I have made an interesting, and quite frankly, an unexpected discovery.

I have learned that there is a real science to creating authentic, deeper connections with others, both personally and professionally. Creating great relationships in your personal and professional life is a skill that can be learned; once you understand the principles behind this science. The secret to having great relationships isn’t so secret anymore!

The study of spirituality has guided the scientific community to new understandings of how our brain works. My mission is to help you experience how your spirituality can expand the love and passion in all your relationships both now and in the future!

Here is a glimpse into how this works. You can make tiny adjustments that inspire your relationships by simply understanding the way your brain receives information, organizes it, and responds. Each one of your brain cells is driven to connect with other brain cells, forming circuits that provide a sense of fulfillment as you deepen your purpose, sense of connection and success.

in the flow

The secret of great relationships isn't a mystery any more. I have been teaching my private clients how to tap into this amazing knowledge for years, and I want to help you too. I now bring the fruit of my life’s work to you, in a way that my discoveries may be easily understood and applied in your own life.

This has been my life’s work for the past 30 years; traveling the globe to integrate the most brilliant teachings in spirituality, neurobiology, psychology and real life.  My medical training in the physical body as an internist and the psychology of behavior as a psychiatrist has given me a very unique perspective. I also feel very blessed for the opportunity I have had to open my heart and mind to the wisdom of the 20,000 people who have entrusted their lives and their relationships to our work together for so many years.

I hope that you will look around my website, watch my videos and download my free trainings, and if you find it intriguing, that you will enroll in one or more of my courses and learn for yourself the science of having deeper, more meaningful and effective relationships in every area of your life.

Dr. Michael Seng