Hello, I'm Dr. Michael Seng, founder of the Oneness Approach.

Are you struggling, feel abandoned by God, judged by others, don’t know how to apply your faith or simply haven’t found a reason to believe?

I created the Oneness Approach to help those who may have given up on God and can’t make sense of what’s going on in their life. My grandmother taught me the power of loving kindness as she gave life to the words in her Bible. Ever so humbly, she would listen to the people who showed up on her front porch each day. Her Bible in one hand and me in the other, she simply listened.

Depressed, anxious, confused and condemned, they stepped onto her porch. I was very young, and they appeared scared and scary. At first, they spoke haltingly with eyes averted. Most had experienced unspeakable pain that broke their heart and their spirit. Whether they became depressed, angry or simply anxious, they all felt judged by those around them who inappropriately used the words of the Bible to cast doubt on their faith and the power of God's forgiveness.

My grandmother seemed to know this and accepted her role as one who listened to their pain. As she did, they eventually straightened. They began looking into her accepting eyes for a few words that might show them the way. She used their words to guide them. She emphasized the best in them and the difficulty we all have finding wise use of our strengths. She spoke of standing for something and putting this “something” into their own words. She spoke of a living faith that was personal and discovered during their life journey. She spoke of the value this provided all who would ever know and love them.

They knew she was Christian. They saw the Bible and what they heard was Biblical, but it was given to them in a way they could understand and accept. I spent the early years of my life in my grandmother’s arms as she "refused to let my feet hit the ground". I learned her ways and have used them daily during my thirty years as a psychiatrist.

People come to me beaten, broken and judged as unworthy. Their faith has often been crushed under the weight of misunderstood traumatic pain and inherited illness. Their thoughts, feelings and behaviors failed to make any sense, and eventually, negative judgments turned inwards. They simply needed someone to listen, with understanding and gentle kindness. They needed to get it out, so that it could begin to take form, heal and integrate into something that made sense to them. It didn't fit into the box of someone else’s making… for these words carried no meaning, as they were meant for someone else.

The Oneness Approach can help you form and understand the role of a personal faith in your life. It uses science and world philosophies to help you understand how your brain works. It emphasizes your strengths, the power of your subconscious mind and the value of your relationships. I don’t use the words of the Bible, as for many, these are the words that have been used inappropriately to crush their spirit. I do use Biblical understandings and principles that can help you reconnect, or connect for the first time, with you faith journey.

My grandmother taught me that it is God’s place to bring you to Him. We are simply to read a person’s heart and reflect what faith can offer. This is what I have tried to create in my practice and on this website. Each course has space for discussions so feel free to mention chapter and verse as you feel called. I look forward to your input on this journey, to help us all experience “the Bible reading us, as we read the Bible”.

Here is an explanation of how I have placed information in a way you may find helpful:

Oneness Approach video courses offer the opportunity to go deep with me and ask questions specific to your life that each video covers.

The Oneness Approach FaceBook page provides direct Biblical insights.

The Oneness Approach YouTube site provides hundreds of videos on a wide variety of topics. One of the playlists includes the songs I use while exercising at Planet Fitness. Simply close your eyes, apply the words to your life and  allow the music to move you! Another playlist "The Fifth Gospel" has faith-based information and interviews that will inspire you. (Particularly my interviews with John Murtha!)

Articles on this website include a wide variety of topics that I use to help you understand how the brain works. Articles on Buddhism are included as many of these practices align closely with present neurobiological understandings and are easily incorporated into your personal faith. There is a Christian section that includes faith based articles along with articles regarding self-care.

The Oneness Approach Podcasts offer conversations with scientists and practitioners from a wide variety of persuasions. Although many of those I interviewed were not faith oriented, I tried to pull out information that might help you find the golden nugget that helps you find your way.

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With love and gentle kindness,
Dr. Michael Seng