Hello, I'm Dr. Michael Seng, founder of the Oneness Approach.

I am a Christian and a practicing physician, board certified in both internal medicine and psychiatry.  For over 30 years, my private practice has been dedicated to helping people understand how to apply their faith to their lives to better love one another by understanding themselves and others more deeply. Over the years, the faith my grandmother instilled in me help guide me sift through the science and philosophies of the day for pearls that can help us.

There is a real science to applying your faith and it allows you to create authentic, deeper connections within yourself, with family, friends and within your career. Learning how you have been "wired for faith" can provide your daily faith practises with meaningful insights particularly when dealing with personal and relationship difficulties.  Understanding the principles behind this science can help you to see through the mist of misunderstandings.  This clarity can turn negative judgements into productive discernment and spiritual growth for all involved.

The first neurobiologist may have been the Buddha who studied how the mind percieves pain, illness, old age and death. More recently, the scientific community has measured the brain's form and function to allow new understandings in how we produce thoughts, feelings and actions. My mission is to help you experience how to apply your faith to expand the love and compassion you feel inside and better deliver both to your relationships both now and increasingly in the future!

Here is a glimpse into how this works. Your subconscious mind always serves you and is the seat of your faith. Through empathic mirror neurons your subconscious mind supplies you with information about how others feel. Applying faith practises will increase the depth of this information and the effectiveness of your response creating "Oneness" with God and each other. Each one of your brain cells is driven to connect with other brain cells both within you and with others. Consciously applying faith practises helps you to form neuronal circuits that provide a sense of fulfillment as you deepen your personal purpose, sense of connection and personal fulfillment.

in the flow

The secret of great relationships is made clearer by understanding how we are made. I have been teaching my patients and fellow clinicians how to apply their faith in their lives for years, and I now offer this to you.  I  bring answers that will clarify the misunderstandings of yesterday to allow compassion and growth in the relationships with the ones you love.

This has been my life’s work; traveling the globe to integrate the most brilliant teachings in faith, neurobiology, psychology and real life.  My grandmother shared with me her faith as she counseled others. Her faith helped teach me who I am and her life guided me on my life's purpose. My medical training in the physical body as an internist and my training in psychology as a psychiatrist has given me a unique perspective on how to "feel into" and understand the struggles of others. I also feel very blessed for the opportunity I have had to open my heart and mind to the wisdom of the 20,000 people who have entrusted their lives and their relationships to our work together for so many years.

Look around this website, watch the videos and download my free trainings. If you find it intriguing, enroll in one of my courses and learn for yourself the science of applied faith. Understand yourself and others better and begin enjoying deeper, more meaningful and effective relationships and that "peace that passes all understanding".

In Him,
Dr. Michael Seng