Hello, I'm Dr. Michael Seng, founder of the Oneness Approach.

I am a psychiatrist and internal medicine specialist with an interest in functional medicine.  For over 30 years, I have dedicated myself to helping people understand how to access and grow the highest centers of their mind. This is central to all we know about leading a successful life with mindfulness, self-compassion, empathy and altruism.

There is a real science to applying your strengths and the wisdom you have earned along the way.  Staying in touch with your truths allows deeper, more consistent self-awareness and authentic relationships that inspire... and endure.  You are neurobiologically wired to grow connections with your subconscious mind. There lie valuable resources. Simply knowing these resources exist, and then developing practices that augment these connections, will make a profound difference in your life.

Understanding the principles behind this science can help you to see through the mist of misunderstandings.  This clarity can turn negative judgements into productive discernment, growth and connection for everyone involved.

The first neurobiologist may have been the Buddha who studied how the mind perceives pain, sickness, old age and death. More recently, the scientific community has discovered the brain's ability to constantly grow and form new connections through neuroplasticity.  My mission is to help you experience how to apply grow and apply your deepest beliefs to make decisions that expand the love and compassion you feel inside and have to share.

Here is a glimpse into how this works. Your subconscious mind has always, and always will be serving you.  Through empathic mirror neuronal systems your subconscious mind forms subconscious connections with all those around you. The greater your empathy... the greater the sharing.  Applying practices that combine the wisdom stored in your subconscious mind will increase the depth of sharing and sense "Oneness" you feel within yourself and with others.

Each one of your brain cells is driven to connect with other brain cells both within you and, through your mirror neurons, with others. Consistent application of the power of Oneness helps you to form neuronal connections that provide a deeper purpose and sense of connection which leads to personal fulfillment.

in the flow

The secret of great relationships is made clearer by understanding how we are made. I have been walking with those who entrust their personal lives with me, helping them to apply their deepest beliefs for years, and I now offer this to you.  I  offer a method that will make use of the misunderstandings of yesterday the wise use of your strengths. This promotes compassion in your relationships and greater connection with the ones you love.

This has been my life’s work; traveling the globe teaching and learning from the best to integrate a way of living that will help you lead an inspiring life.  My grandmother shared her walk with life and inspired others.  Watching her bond with those who came to her began my life journey. My medical training, psychological training and belief in functional medicine has provided a vehicle to "feel into" and understand life's struggles. I have been blessed with personal struggles and the wisdom shared by 20,000 people who have entrusted their lives and their relationships in our work together.

Look around this website, watch the videos and download the free trainings. If you find it intriguing, enroll in one of my courses and learn for yourself the science of applied strengths and wisdom. Understand yourself and others better and begin enjoying deeper, more meaningful and effective relationships.

With love and gentle kindness,
Dr. Michael Seng