An Answer for Common Struggles

People who struggle with depression have issues common to many of us. These common struggles may include one or more of the following: Our diets aren’t what they should be. Our homes aren’t as clean as they should be and the cleaners we use may be causing lung cancer. There’s not enough money to purchase the things that are good for us and our environment. And…where are we supposed to find all of those inspiring friends everyone talks about?

Previously, I have shared a few ideas others have come up with through the years:

Spiritual communities of all types

When part of a large spiritual community, joining a small home group, bible study, volunteer group or committee helps. The more any small group meets your needs, their needs and the needs of the greater community the better!

Common interest groups

Many groups form around a particular sport, hobby or interest. There are reading groups, craft-oriented groups, political groups, volunteer groups (animal rescue, hospital, library, school, parks). Groups under ten can become very close. Groups between 10-20 offer the opportunity to find 2-3 people who might eventually become “bffs”. Online groups can serve as initiators of local interest groups. When these online groups have national or international meetings, they serve people who are ready for world-wide impact.

Part time jobs

Teens often break out of their shell when offered a social group that allows them the opportunity to break out of the confines of their school environment. People who have retired often find that “they are not dead yet” and find the common purpose of a part time job of their choice a wonderful place to find their integrity and beat their despair (a la Erikson).

Helping Our Community Overcome Common Struggles

I was recently introduced to an example of another type of group that can serve many of our above-mentioned needs. Kelly Kudla has been a member of the Melaleuca organization for many years. She and I have recently joined together in an effort to serve those in our community who are looking for:

  • A place to build social skills.
  • An opportunity to start a home business.
  • An inexpensive way to remove toxins from their home and our environment.
  • Cost conscious, “top of the line”, personal products.
  • Specific vitamin therapies with documented results from third party studies.

She and I are guiding the growth of those who are involved in changing people’s lives for the better while making these same changes in their own. It’s an effort through life coaching to change our community - one life at a time. It’s good for you, it’s good for others and it serves the greater good - the Oneness Approach way!

If you would like to learn more and consider becoming a part of this effort, please call or email Kelly at

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