Are You Sharpening Your Morning Ritual?

You have probably noticed that most health experts and business coaches recommend some form of morning ritual. They go by many names, “your hour of power”, “half-hour of heaven” or “fifteen minutes to thrive”, but one thing is certain, refining your morning ritual helps you maintain the 20% effort that will lead to 80% of your future opportunity.

Much of your brain is wired to respond, react or follow what is going on around you. You will eventually get faster at what you are doing, but not necessarily better. What’s worse, proximity will rule your life. You will only see what is immediately available. This approach will make you a good follower, that is, until the person or business you are following no longer needs you!

Proactive Spiritual Perspective

Developing a proactive spiritual rather than reactive worldly perspective includes the authentic YOU in your life. This is called meta-cognition or “thinking about your thinking”. Instead of simply thinking about the next thing to do or person to please, you take a step back to ask, “How can I best use this moment?”. Remembering that your subconscious mind always sees everything in relationship, the question becomes, “How is God calling me to best use this moment?”

This question becomes your unwavering intent as you enter each moment of your life. It becomes the guiding force behind how your conscious and subconscious mind connects, communicates and grows. Nerve growth factors rise, and fast transmitting myelin coated neurons grow with your inspired influence. Responsive brain regions integrate critical information faster and more profoundly as you discern what is best for you, others and the greater good. Past memories and potential futures serve each moment rather than, in fear, compete for it.

Creating and practicing an inspiring intent transforms your efforts to optimize, rather than to simply deal with, others. You walk with the wisdom you have both earned rather than the traumas you shared to give birth to such wisdom. You practice allows you to see through the mist of “unresolvable problems” to develop the clarity needed to see novel opportunities that make the “problems” disappear.

The Morning Ritual

Each morning your mind and body awakes to begins this practice again. The first moment of your day begins the template for that day’s practice. It begins the opportunity to proactively reach out for the 20% investment that brings the 80% opportunity a spiritual life brings. Remember, practice doesn’t make perfect - it makes permanent! How will you practice today?

Are you ready?

Look into the Oneness Approach Thirty-Day Challenge for ideas on how to begin your day!

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