Family Friends – Support through the Ages

My father received the book, “Between Friends” by Lynne Gerard from his only remaining sister. My father is the youngest of six and knew that one day he would go from “baby of the family” to the one who helped everyone stay in touch. What he didn’t know was that one day he would go from youngest brother to trusted family friend.

What is a Family Friend?

Not a friend of the family, but a sibling who has reached out, stayed in touch and knows you. They remember what is was like in the early days before you took on the roles of parent and professional. They know you, see underneath your social roles and like you. They walked through the ups and downs of your life were there for you and are easy to be with.
You walk through your lives as children, as adults (whatever that means!), and eventually as keepers of the family memories and wisdom. You give depth to any family outing and your love for each other provides a light for everyone else.

How to Become a Family Friend

It takes time to go from family member to family friend. My youngest brother, Jeffrey, knows this and recently asked to join me at a business men’s Bible Study every Friday morning at 7:30 in the morning. Yes, he was interested in the Bible study, but what was also clear was he simply wanted to reach out and get to know me better.
It works! My brothers, Andy and Mark, built a cabin together in Southern Ohio. My brother Jeffrey is a woodworker and adds final touches to a lot of the projects through the years. We and our families live a stone’s throw from each other and get together weekly at my father’s home. It creates connection and creates an umbrella of support for kids and grandkids.

My father asked that we send the book on to other family members to pass the message on. On FaceBook it would be a share, but my father wanted to send the physical book on to other family members. They will be able to read the poems about each trait of a family friend and sign the one that touches them most...and pass it on.

He asked that I write a little something to include inside the book:

Between Friends by Lynne Gerard

My sister mailed this booklet to me the other day
And it hit me to the core of my being
As the last two of our generation
We have come to know the value of ‘family friendships’
When she discovered book
She thought of me
I pray that when you receive this book
You are reminded of just how precious ‘family friends’ can be
Sign the page that says it best
And pass it on!

The next time you meditate, lead with the intent to consider the value of family friends. Then, consider ways you can reach out and get to know your family members even more.

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