How Oneness Protects You from Political Discourse

You have a unique life purpose, carried by all of your strength and experience and it is easily taken from you. So easy in fact, that you won’t even notice. Interestingly, when this happens you feel more strongly about the new “inserted purpose” than your own. Choices seem easier and clearer. This way of life is infectious and soon everyone around you will agree with you. You will feel strong and powerful - that is, until a dull ache reminds you that you are not who you seem to be.

An Adversarial Approach

Our courts, system of laws and government are set up around adversarial relationships. This means that people with opposing views must try to convince others of their view to be successful. People have said that this is a terrible form of government, but better than any other. I’m certainly no expert in different types of government but I have noticed how destructive our political process can be to your sense of self, your relationships and your connection with the greater good. What can you do to protect yourself?

Abraham Lincoln said, “The best way to destroy an enemy is to make them your friend”. This isn’t possible in our political system because during elections and while voting on laws, only one person/group/idea “survives”. This is the adversarial system. You must try to destroy your “enemy”, because you don’t want them able to oppose you again. Much like any fighter, you want to knock them down so hard that they can’t get up, period.

You’ve seen fighters after a difficult contest hug and congratulate each other. You may have even seen domestic attorney’s laughing and eating lunch together after the opposing attorney humiliated your husband, wife or children on the stand. It can be confusing when you were told to tell “the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth”. Lives are destroyed by lies and half-truths and the “other side’s” answer, “We won, didn’t we?”. Patients have asked me, “How can they laugh together like that after what was done to my family?”

Political discourse is a game. It’s not real. You may be led to believe that everyone is held to the same standard of truth, but that mostly refers to you. People are trained to “spin the truth” and serve as experts to destroy your interests. Attorneys, for example, take classes that teach them how to make you look ridiculous as you try to tell the truth. Your attorney will likely instruct you to answer briefly as possible because, "they will try to get you talking…but don’t!”.

The Oneness Approach...of Politics?

Your brain is organized to first, defend against danger with your flight, fight or freeze system through your amygdala. Second, the drive system will help you to go for what you want through your nucleus accumbens. Last in here and now staying power, your “tend and befriend system” will help you connect with others through oxytocin and your hypothalamus. This is why political ads often try to convince you that a certain person is dangerous, rather talk about the good someone else has done. Politics is a high stakes game. People are paid millions of dollars to make you believe what they are paid to have you believe. They are very good at political discourse.

They create flows of information and people who will surround you with predetermined perceptions. In other words, we are being herded.

Your brain grows and functions best when you spend more time with your ultimate beliefs. You have an intimate connection within your body called the interoceptive system. It helps ground your thoughts and your feelings your way, with practice. When you pray or meditate using your spiritual beliefs, you create a center of maximal calm for the storms of your life. This system integrates that “still small voice” that helps you to “see through the mist” and sense your truth.

Two other systems help you to reach out to sense truth. One is the mirror neuronal system that helps you to sense how another is feeling. When you are not grounded, this system can be used by others to control how you feel. This is particularly difficult for empathic people. A third system called, the recurrent loop system, helps you to sense the greater good. In other words, the good of everyone who isn’t involved in the conversation you are involved in.

Your spiritual practice grounds your sense of self in all three. It helps to know and walk with what you truly believe. When grounded, these three systems guide you to your truth, enduring happiness, an inspiring variety of relationships and your life purpose.

These systems align your conscious and subconscious mind. When grounded in your spiritual belief it can make sense of your life. You may have noticed that walking in nature is a cross- cultural grounding experience. Everything makes sense - or it wouldn’t be there. Let’s make sense of your life. Here is what a personal pray/meditation practice offers you:

  • You discover your answers as you center in what is truly good for you, good for others and good for the greater good.
  • You are drawn to people who will add wisdom to your strengths, rather than people who simply agree with you.
  • You see through a mist of confusing motivations to ground how you feel.
  • You communicate more clearly in all circumstances, even difficult ones.
  • You are able to discern and follow through with what you really want and need.
  • You become a little wiser with every experience, even ones that initially feel painful.
  • You are really you - and you know it. There is no dull ache of selflessness.
  • You have found the true self, your living relationship with something greater than yourself.

Join us in the Grow in Oneness video series to learn more.

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