How to Sustain Your Interests Longer

Any interest in a new activity is created first by a desire for deeper growth and connection with others. But often passing interests go something like this.

You may hear Jimi Hendrix playing the guitar and decide to buy a package that includes an electric guitar and a year of personal lessons culminating in a gig at a local pub. You go to your first lesson and your fingers hurt from pressing down on the strings. On the way home, you watch a YouTube video of Ronaldinho playing soccer and find yourself looking at soccer balls and local premier teams.

What Losing Interest Means

Losing interest externally means you are losing connection with yourself internally. Your brain thinks in relationship and “ an interest” is a call from your subconscious mind to promote a relationship, both in your social life and inside your body. While dreaming about playing a guitar, are you on a stage in front of thousands of raving fans or are you on a secret beach serenading the one you love? Maybe it’s both!

Knowing the relationship need that yearns for a little more growth adds depth and tenacity to your interest. As you expand your abilities, new interests find ways to add to - rather than differ from - earlier interests. This is the way your mind integrates “relationship stories” like intimacy, family relationships, friendships, collegial and life interest relationships and mentoring relationships. This brain circuits call out and are always developing. They do so with increasing clarity if you begin your day with them in mind.

Your brain has many tools that serve different aspects of your relationships: Mirror neurons that allow empathy. Drive centers that promote passion with dopamine. Initial read systems promote awareness. The “tend and befriend” system promotes feelings of connection like love or compassion with oxytocin.

Meditation and Prayer to Sustain Your Interests

Using different forms of meditation and prayer in the morning can engage these systems and help you grow truly inspiring relationships. Here are a few examples:

Empathy/ tend and befriend


  • Meditate/Pray on something you and another feel passionate about. Talk about it afterward.
  • Let them know how much you appreciate them
  • Let them tell you how much they appreciate you
  • Accept their compliment and appreciation as a comment on you as a “child of God.”

Initial read circuit

  • Meditate/Pray on something you and another have healthy concerns about. Talk about it afterward.
  • Keep the discussion healthy, non-judgmental.
  • Let them know how much you appreciate them
  • Let them tell you how much they appreciate you
  • Accept the appreciation as a comment on you as a child of God.

Building your feeling of connection externally, builds internal connections that serve all of your relationships. Mirror neurons engage your passion circuits and initial read circuits. Love and compassion circuits integrate the major organizational systems of the brain creating faster healing and growth.

All of this creates greater resilience in all of your relationships.

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