A Life Worth Living

You’re smart, you’re talented and you care. You want a life that will inspire others so you listen to podcasts and read about what has been helpful to others. You want a successful career, but more importantly, you want a successful life. You want to have relationships with your spouse, children and friends that are second to none. You want to develop life interests that inject enthusiasm into your life. You want mentors who you will long remember. You want to help people learn to live and heal themselves and you want to be a part of it! Where do you go for a life like that?

Benefits of Connecting Deeply with Yourself

Connecting deeply in any relationship simply feels good! Each of your little neurons (brain cells) just loves to talk. For them it’s either talk and produce nerve growth factors or die. When connecting deeply with others, millions of your little “mirror neurons” dance in the depth of your relationships. These “mirror neurons” have a special gift. They have the ability to share the sum of all you know and have ever been through with the people you feel deep connection with. You can literally sense each other in ways that heal your body and soul and allow you to grow.

To connect deeply, you must first connect deeply with yourself. The ground of being, the ground of understanding for your mirror neurons is your interoceptive or “sense of self” system. This is the system you feel with. It produces your personal sense of relevance and the relevance of everything else in your life. Your sense of personal relevance or “sense of self” depends on an awareness of “who you are”. Early on in life this is given to you. Maybe you were raised to be a “good person” so now “being good” becomes the measure of all you do, feel or say.

The problem is that this self-definition doesn’t run very deep or wide. Being a “good democrat” might be quite a bit different than being a “good republican”. So, let’s make it bigger. Let’s be a “good citizen”. This leaves out the rest of the world! So, let’s expand again to be a “good citizen of the world”. OK, let’s go the top and become a “Citizen of the Galaxy” (One of my favorite books as a teen by Robert Heinlein). As you might be able to discern, the “bigger” we go the less informative it becomes to our daily relationships. When deciding “who you are”, it must include the past and the future, all in service to the now. You must be able to train yourself “to feel it in your gut” with your interoceptive system. It must include all of your relationships and yet provide your life balance. It must include everything you think, feel and do as it discerns your strengths and seeks out the wisdom to use these strengths in inspiring ways. It must serve you now and until the moment of your death.

One last thing to consider, your brain. Your mind considers everything in relationships. Even a dot in a vacuum generates questions like, “How big is it? How long has it been there? How far away from me is it? Is it getting closer? How long will it be around?” Therefore, when considering yourself, it becomes deeper, richer and basically more useful if you define yourself as in relationship with someone or something else. This one relationship then needs to connect you with your past, future and all others organically in the now. Hmmm…sounds like God to me! Interestingly, studies now show that daily prayer practices do just that. They transform the “sense of self” part of the parietal lobe of your brain into the “sense of yourself as a child of God”. This can transform your perception of your reality - and your life. (See the podcast with Andrew Newberg.)

The Art of Delivering

Have you noticed that the same question may generate different answers for different people? What if “the same question” isn’t the same question? What if every time you ask the question, subtle differences between you and the people you are with change the question? There is a way to notice such changes, and enjoy them. They are purposeful, if you follow yourself and others mindfully. The changes happen whether you are aware of them or not. And the cause of such changes are a deeper part of you and all others. These can guide you to the life you seek. They can guide you to the inspiring relationships your yearn for. They can help both you and others to heal and to grow.

You were born to yearn for a relationship with God. Your desire for a meaningful life is a part of that yearning. Without meaning successes feel as empty as drinking salt water. When you sense yourself and others as connected through your loving God each moment becomes meaningful. Each moment contains joy and even more ways you can give and receive love from others. Join us in these practices and develop a greater awareness in all you have to offer. Then deliver at a level that is clear, consistent and creates the kind of experience that you and everyone else will enjoy.

To develop the power of your mind/body integration further, to really own your place in the world, to create a life worth living, sign up risk-free for one of my mentoring programs, such as the Grow in Oneness course. For as little as $10 a month, you can learn how to unleash the potential of your Subconscious Mind, become a source of inspiration to others and become passionate about “whose you are”.

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