Transform Your Heart and Mind this Holiday Season

Ho-hum Holidays

Do you struggle during the holidays or have the holidays become a little ho-hum? Here is what others have shared with me through the years:

  • The Holidays remind me of all that happened in my childhood.
  • My relative died during the holidays and it has never been the same.
  • My spouse just left me and has the kids. How can I enjoy the holidays?
  • I always do way too much during the holidays leaving me overwhelmed and exhausted.
  • We’re already broke and will have to go further in debt to get everyone present.
  • Everyone else has friends and family and I will be spending the holidays alone again.
  • We’ll be spending the holidays in and out of the hospital. We have no time for the holidays.
  • I don’t believe in the holidays. It's just another day to me!

Your subconscious mind is trying to help but you have to realize a few things to understand how it thinks. First, when you say to yourself, “What the heck is going on around here!!!”, take a deep breath, take it down a notch and say, “Hmmm…I wonder what is going on around here?” For the most part you can use the same words, you just have to seriously ask the question. Second, it may not have the answer now, but if you tuck the question away and let it “walk with the question”, it will usually come up with a few answers. Third, it plays off of others. If you surround yourself with inspiring friends you will soon become a more inspiring friend, co-worker and spouse yourself!

Everyone has a variety of ways to deal with the above situations. Out of respect, I won’t suggest what would be right for you in your present situation. However, I will provide a few more insights about the power you wield as your subconscious mind tries to speak with you.

What Subconscious Mind Wants You to Know

It wants to have Godly, purposeful fun. No matter old you are, your subconscious mind is five years old. It sees others as playmates. It wants to help, and it wants to have fun! It lets you know when you are off course. That is one reason why referring to yourself as a “child of God” works so well.

If you are saying to yourself, “I am so bored!” it is telling you:
“I’m bored. That’s silly. There are so many people we could help, learn something from or play with! Let’s do something!”

It remembers everything you’ve ever accomplished in the past.

If you are chronically sad about something it is telling you:
“Why am I hanging onto this sadness? What else is going on? How else can I feel? What have I learned? How can I add this to how I can better be with others?”

It doesn’t see illness as all-consuming nor death as an end.

If you are chronically missing someone who has died, it is telling you:
“I’m sad now about what happened yesterday. I’m not seeing how this relationship continues to help me today. It inspires me. It shows me more than I would have otherwise seen. They love me, know me and see me more clearly than ever before!”

It is connected to all that is going on around you and sees your life from multiple perspectives.

If you are in pain or in the hospital, it notices all that is going on around you. When you are stuck in your pain, is says:
“Is this pain all that I am going to think about? Thinking about pain isn’t fun and it isn’t helping anyone. What is going on around here? Who seems to be having fun? Does anyone seem to need help? Let’s join them!”

It remembers what you accomplished through past struggles.

If you are stuck remembering the past, it is telling you:
Yes, that is something I have gone through…and survived! I wonder what is going on now that is calling for the wisdom I earned back then?
Does someone need my help? I wonder if someone around here might have a few more insights for me? Let’s combine our efforts, make new memories that combine our wisdom as we learn to love God and help each other more!

It has a direct connection to each of your relationships through God.

If you are grieving an empty slot in one of your relationships, it is telling you:
I am missing the special love I have to offer someone in this very special way. What did I learn? What can I do with the relationships I have? And, who is that cute person over there?

It has a direct connection to God.

When you feel nothing is really all that important, it is telling you:
I need to spend a little more time on my knees! Are you kidding me! Look at all we have and what we’ve accomplished so far. Look at all the other people we can join with!

To put a little more meat on the bones of this discussion, I invite you to listen to the podcast I enjoyed with Amy Morin called, Mental Strength in the Face of Loss. And if you would like to know more about how your conscious mind and subconscious mind interact to help you through life, sign up for the Grow in Oneness video course. It will help you optimize your relationships and take your life to the next level!

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