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Consider Treatment Options with a Oneness Approach

When you or your child is sick, you simply want them to feel better. You want something that will help you restore your health, build resilience against relapse while causing minimal side effects. When you go online to Dr. Google, you often find members of one industry disparaging another. Just like in politics these claims and counter-claims can create confusion and doubt. The Oneness Approach applies your spirituality to your relationship with yourself, with others and with the greater good. When considering your physical health, the Oneness Approach applies your spirituality to your search for the treatment options that will work best for you.

You are wired for faith. The neurons that sense the inside of your body serve a dual purpose. They let you feel what is going on inside of you and they provide the emotions that help you decide what is good for you. When you decide what you believe spiritually, you organize all of your subconscious resources around this belief. When money, power or personal power become someone’s person God, assessments are two dimensional and weak. Even when someone “wins”, they find themselves on the hedonic treadmill and nothing ever feels satisfying for very long.

Choosing to live by such a small view of life leads to living and communicating in a black and white manner. “My way is the right way and all others are seriously suspect”. This opposes your brains natural way of communicating. The brain is made to be interested in beliefs that are like yours and not like yours. When you encounter another’s beliefs that are “not like yours”, your brain naturally looks for commonalities so as to learn something new. Beliefs that don’t work are simply avoided.

Applying these concepts to treatment choices around ADHD or Bipolar Disorder, you will want to look for what will work for you, your family and the greater good. This perspective gives you three ways to assess thoughts when considering your options. For example, which options promote how you feel about yourself, restore your relationships with your family while allowing all of you to promote and add to the greater good? Which choices promote healthy restorative communication and which don’t?

Choosing "Wholistic" Options

When online with Dr. Google, which sites seem to be just as interested in putting down “the other guy’s approach” while promoting theirs? On the other hand, which sites seem to offer a wide variety of "wholistic" options that allow you to pick and choose from among the ones that appear most right for you? You have many options to choose from and the wrong choice for someone else might be the right choice for you.

Both ADHD and Bipolar Disorder are complicated, potentially life-long conditions that can affect all aspects of your life. They can narrow and make difficult your personal spiritual understandings. They can make communication with friends and family impossible at times. They can also impair any sense of personal value. The Oneness Approach can help you to learn the process of authentic decision-making, while helping you to choose well when such choices aren’t very obvious. Here are a few examples:

  1. Which approach seems to offer the widest opportunities to help you, your family and all others?
  2. Which approach seems to consider your physical, social and spiritual health?
  3. Which approach seems to address both restoring your health while helping you grow and build resilience?
  4. Which approach seems inclusive of what’s available and which seem to denigrate options that you may need in the future?
  5. Which approach allows you to “mix and match” your choices to find and fine tune what works best for you?
  6. Which approaches stir your interest in growth rather than “stir your pain”?
  7. Which approach invites everyone to the table of your choices? Which tends to add value to your decisions rather than divide your options into different camps?

The brain is made to be "wholistic". It is made to do what’s best for you, your relationships and the greater good. Allowing yourself to exercise this approach to every decision in your life, builds your psychical, social and spiritual growth.

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