Vitamin Therapies – What are They?

As a child, my mother insisted we each take our “One a Day” vitamins to grow up big and strong. Since then we have learned a lot and have established guidelines for “the average person’s” daily needs. One would think that this would provide clarity to the situation, but it turns out that there is no such thing as the average person! What if you require many times the average person’s needs of a specific vitamin? What if this is leaving you feeling tired, sad, anxious, achy or in a fog? This is where vitamin therapies come in.

How Stress Affects DNA

There are ongoing efforts to develop testing that allows a clinician to know your body's nutritional needs. These needs become more evident when your body is dealing with a stressor. During stressful times the DNA in the chromosomes are tested as they try to respond to the specific stress you are under. It can be an emotional stress like the loss of a loved one. It can be a physical stress like any trauma or illness. The stress can be real like the loss of a job or imagined like no one will ever love you. Each stress and every response you have to your stress is experienced through and directed by your DNA.

Specific testing is being developed to better understand the strain on this system as stress builds. Present theory is building around your bodies support of DNA management. Your body delivers messages the DNA in each of your cells as to its needs. It turns out that this delivery system has its limits. Under enough stress of a specific type, the system falls apart and sections of your DNA shut down. This can leave you feeling tired, sad, anxious, achy, in a fog…or worse. It has been seen in autism, bipolar disorder, ADHD, fibromyalgia and depression.

Overcoming Stress with Vitamin Therapies

One way to deal with this is to either get rid of the stress or at least help the person learn to deal with the stress better. The latter decreases the strain on the system. Another approach is to locate the inherited limit to your stress response. Present investigation is leading us to specific enzymes that are responsible for modulating your response to the environment. Strategies to address these limits are leading us to specific usually high dose vitamin/mineral/dietary regimens that are at times outside the “average” ranges.

In this situation, the average approach may not work and may even be harmful. For example, there are times when folates or copper are the answer. Other times this leads to further toxicity. The is where nutraceuticals can become useful. These generally begin with the very best raw materials and are processed in exacting ways to guarantee that you are getting just what your symptoms and lab testing suggest.

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An Answer for Common Struggles
Nutrient Therapy for Stress Management
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