When Thoughts and Feelings Don’t Make Sense

Your brain can produce some pretty crazy thoughts and feelings. This can leave you wondering, “Where do these thoughts and feelings come from?” and more importantly, “This makes no sense at all, how do I get rid of them?” You’ve seen your clinician. You’re doing all that you both agreed to and you both knew there would still be days like this. During these times, you may feel weak in your faith. Let’s look at this in another way. Rather than weakness, let’s look at how your faith has prepared you for this moment to take a deep breath and reach for God’s love.

Engaging your Faith

The “Parable of the sower” speaks of your ability to see and hear God’s will clearly and the abundance He provides. It also speaks to the value of reaching for faith and engaging with it daily to help you in difficult times, especially when you feel worry and addictive drives. Daily faith practices deepen your connection with God allowing you to hear His voice in times of anxiety, depression and mania.

Neurobiologically, faith practices empower you in three unified ways. First, your decision to believe connects you with the “I am” of God and forever transforms you into one of God’s children. Take time each day to allow yourself to lay aside your personal strengths and relationships to “just be” with God. You are God’s child, you are loved before you do anything.

Second, practice looking into the eyes of people you are talking to and see their subconscious five-year-old child, reaching for God’s love. Your subconscious mind remains five throughout your life. We are all a part of God’s creation and he made us to reach for Him as a child. You will engage with people more deeply whether they are glad, sad, happy or mad when you practice seeing others in this way.

Third, practice seeing the people who love you, and the people who love the one you are with, watching over your thoughts and your conversation. The call to love God and others is inclusive to all of His creation. Practicing this awareness deepens your relationship while working on any addictive thoughts and feelings you may struggle with. The practice of seeing a person as if in their family setting allows you to engage with more of them, more deeply, in a very appropriate way.

What to Do in Times of Uncertainty

During an episode of anxiety, depression or mania, the five-year-old in you calls out for God’s love with a question. When you change the statement your subconscious mind offers, into a question it becomes manageable. Five-year-old statements like, “I’m going to die” and “I am so dumb, ugly and stupid”, become, “Am I going to die?” or “Am I dumb, ugly and stupid?”. Your faith practices can help you to transform these subconscious statements to engage with God’s love for His answers.

During periods of uncertainty when your subconscious 5-year -old is struggling consider enlisting your faith practices to help you see through the mist:

Recall and repeat the practice of affirming who you are. You are a loved child of the king!

The thoughts and feelings inside you are questions that only you can answer.

  • Step back to come up with the subconscious question this statement asks and answer it with all the love your faith practices can generate.
  • Being a child of God the answer, “I don’t know, yet”, allows you to walk with God and the question.
  • Being a child of God the answer, “I’m not given to ever know in this lifetime”, allows you to put the question down and move on in His grace.

Show the five-year-old inside you the beauty and love that God provides in and around you.

  • Look at yourself with the strong, kind eyes God provides.
  • Take care of yourself, add something you like to the moment that’s good for you.
    • When your body is in a flight or fight mode, adrenaline and cortisol run unchecked as resistance to insulin builds.
    • Drink half of your weight in pounds, in CC’s of water.
    • Consider the anti-inflammatory diet in, “The Better Brain Solution” by Steve Masley
    • Slowly engage in aerobic exercise. Anaerobic exercise during stressful times, like weight lifting, can make things worse.
    • Slow your breath and practice “being” in God’s love.
  • Close your eyes and take a deep breath to get in touch with child of God within you. Open your eyes with the intent to notice the beauty that surrounds you.
  • Reach out to those who love you, even if they don’t have all the answers. Allow yourself to be drawn into conversations and activities that have nothing to do with your stress. This allows your subconscious mind to work on it while consciously you at least for a time, let it go.
  • Remember this moment. It is adding to your value. Share this moment with others to encourage others who will be looking for their answers. You may not know their answers, but you know portions of “the valley of the shadow of death” they are walking through.
  • Continue your faith practices as you walk through this part of your life journey. Seasons will change, allow your faith practice to support every season of your life.

For more strategies like these, please see the Heal in Oneness video course.

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