Establishing Healthy Daily Routines

Why are Healthy Daily Routines So Important to Therapy?

With rapport established, ‘the problem’ defined and potential resolutions discussed, we ‘sharpen the point’ of therapy. Some people will find the ‘second opinion’ they receive works for them. Maybe a couple in counseling just needed help with a singular issue and having a third party helped them to decide and now they can move on. It is seldom that simple. I encourage 'checking in with' your relationship with our spiritual source before you begin even thinking about ‘the problem’. At the very least this provides authentic direction you can life with.

Although 'the problem' includes what we have learned from the past, there is usually also something more we need to learn to really work through, find the opportunity, work through and integrate the possibilities in your life. Your spiritual source has the answers for you in the form of living each day with love and compassion for ourselves and others. Therefore, the Oneness Approach emphasizes establishing healthy daily routines that support increasing your ability to live consistent with your highest ideals. We want your highest mind to be actively involved in perfecting the communications both within our body and between you and others. Like our muscles, or any other part of our body, our highest mind tends to be less active if not called upon. So we call it to action each morning with spiritually oriented goals that inspire us in our major relationships every moment of the day. This allows your Oneness to work through you!

Having an awareness of and optimizing the major relationships of your life engages all of your life’s efforts in a balanced way, It offers a healthy view of yourself, others, your combined strengths and the challenge. Conscious mind tends to ruminate but when combined with unconscious mind's strengths you are better able to explore for new answers. A new feeling or Intent is often created and over time it may provide confidence, even excitement. The goals we have for each of our major relationships may seem unrelated, but there is usually something that our spiritual is trying to whisper in our ear! This awareness unifies the focus of your efforts. These separate views of the same mountain usually provide unique insights, balance, growth and new possibilities for other ways to resolve ‘the problem’. As we identify the way of our spiritual serves us we build personal confidence and future ‘problems’ become ‘interesting challenges’, even opportunities.

A typical arrangement for developing a set of goals for each type of relationship may consider our internal and external Oneness and its effect on our body and mind connections.  You may want to consider your spiritual source's influence on intimacy, your career, and your relationships with mentors, family members and friends. When considering your spiritual source's influence and your goals to improve your relationships, do not forget to include hobbies and other life interests that already bring you joy! It's interesting how significant these can be at critical times in our life.  You are developing a set of goals that will allow love and compassion in these relationships to grow. Reach for them by creating healthy daily routines that serve you.

Personal Development Activity

Start a few healthy daily routines of your own. Every morning, put on your running shoes, drink a glass of water, do some alignment exercise, and pray or meditate for a few minutes. Then, take a few minutes to look at your intimate, family, friend, career, life interest and mentor relationships and think of a way to improve each of them by one percent today. Keep it simple and aligned with your goals. Capture your successes in the evening. Take the steering wheel of your life!

Please also see, 'Living Richly with Important Daily Rituals'.

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