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I’m struggling at work...again! I’m the kind of person who can make things happen for my business. I give 110% and I am very successful at what I do. I keep finding myself being taken advantage of by people who just don’t get it! I’m busting my butt for them and then I find out they are doing things that undermine my efforts behind my back.

This is not the first time. Am I just being too nice? Why don’t other people see it? Worse yet...why do others let them get away with it? - Mark


Learning Together: The Meaning of Life

Learning how to read the winds and adjust your sails for everyone’s benefit.

Each day you can explore and deepen the wisdom you accumulate by closely listening for the message your ‘spiritual source’ is offering you. You can do this by keeping one important fact foremost in every conversation: you have the ‘Ultimate Intent’ you bring into each moment. By doing this you will be aligning the intent you carry with you to the relationships your spiritual source has given you to experience. Knowing that your spiritual source is talking to you directly through your internal experience or ‘primary source’ and through your relationships adds an interesting ‘second source’ of information. It is an art to learn to reach for, appreciate and incorporate this second source of experiential spiritual food.

We humans are all reaching for ‘the ultimate meaning of life’ in our own way. Some do this in a very determined way, while others default into an unconscious set of learned patterns. We each use our understanding of the meaning of life to define 'who we are' and how we should live. We may give this 'ultimate purpose' a name like ‘Our Higher Power’ or any of a hundred other names. Given that we believe this to be the ultimate or universal meaning of life, your spiritual source and my spiritual source are the same no matter what name either of us uses. Walking with the awareness of this common bond provides deep opportunities to hear ‘the rest of the story’ that our spiritual source intends to provide.

We can continuously build our listening and sharing skills by keeping both our ultimate intent and our ‘relationship ultimate intent’. In the latter we remain committed to sharing what our spiritual source is telling us while actively seeking what others' spiritual source is sharing with them. Then, by following both messages and making decisions around what seems to incorporate both messages best, we discover the path that our spiritual source desires for us. This very centered way of living allows us to establish deep roots within ourselves about 'who we are'. It also provides deep clarity and deep communication with others that grounds our relationship with them with deep, clear understanding.

In the neurobiology sections, we will learn that we are wired to seek this kind of grounding. If you accept this, then the intent of our spiritual source is to have as your ‘ultimate goal’ to live each moment in connection with your spiritual source and in connection with your spiritual source through others. The wisdom we seek is rooted in this awareness. We are called to develop our ability and capacity to form rapport and create guiding, restoring empathic relationships.

Our spiritual source seems to have wired us to rejoice in our ‘ultimate personal relationship’ and our ‘ultimate relationships with others’. Both relationships carry the same spiritual source flavor. The two relationships combine to form the center of the Oneness Approach and to create a rise in our 'physic-consciousness'. With these understandings, compassionate awareness of your ultimate self, consummate rapport building with others and the mindful use of empathic healing can become your way of life. Truly, this can be referred to as your own form of 'enlightenment'.

All of the above stands as simple ‘head knowledge’. This comes to life when we live to create empathy, respond with compassion upon request, and live with an altruistic intent in both good and challenging times. It is by holding onto our ultimate intent during these times that our knowledge develops into experienced based wisdom. Apparent weaknesses fade as we recognize our strengths and discover the  joy we were made to experience.

Our spiritual source made each person in our life unique, so while our spiritual source has a central all encompassing message, we have a portion of that message. And...we are given to share it! It seems that our spiritual source's intent is for us to experience this life deeply. We are to hear spiritual source’s voice in each of our relationships. We are to make decisions that honor our ultimate commitments to our relationships and, in this way, experience a life of sustaining joy.

Personal Development Activity

Please share these instructions with a person of your choice for this activity if you can.

Tty talking to someone you care about who you presently have a somewhat minor ongoing disagreement with. (We’ll save the ‘major disagreements’ for a little later!) Ask them for permission to talk to them about it. It is not our intent to make any decision but to truly hear the message they are trying to give you. Let them know you really want to better understand their point of view and how they feel about it. Find a convenient relaxed time for you both. Before you meet, take a little time to consider what they have been through, what they are going through and how helpful you have been to each other in the past.

Make no attempt to explain your point of view or how you feel. As they explain how they feel, ask questions that respect their relationship to their ‘spiritual source’ (and yours!). You are on sacred soil. Please be aware of the two reasons (there are many more!) you are asking these questions. First, you want to hear what their spiritual source is trying to share with them. Second, through their explanation, what is your spiritual source trying to share with you through them! Try not to resist but, explore the message! Along the way, ask if it feels to them that this is what you are doing.

After they have explained a portion of how they feel, repeat what you believe you have heard. Make sure you have captured their thoughts and feelings accurately and completely. Then ask them, ‘Have I really heard you?’ ‘Is there more?’

After you both have sounded the depths of how you really feel, decide when you may want to have a similar discussion of your feelings. The deeper ‘the message’ from your spiritual source, the better it may be to wait a bit to allow what you both have heard sink in.

As the other person is talking, they are also listening...and exploring for they feel about the safety of your relationship! This is particularly true if we hold true to the precepts of this kind of conversation.

I ask that for this exercise there not be the intent to come to a resolution. Instead, you are going for something much deeper. Every word you speak carries a message from your spiritual source. If you practice listening carefully for this message, the potential answers to your earthly questions will explode in significance and in the number of available options.

And your relationships will grow!!



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