What is Causing Your Worry and Anxiety?

Why All the Worry and Anxiety?

You may worry much more than makes sense. As with anything you do, the more you do it…the more you do it! Your brain cells, much like your muscle cells, tend to expand and contract with use. These brain cells form circuits allowing you to develop increasingly sophisticated circuits. You can use this ability to learn to play the piano or...to learn to become a worrywart!

When Worry and Anxiety are a Distraction

One way you can fall into “worrywartedness” is to worry about one thing as a way to distract yourself from something else. For example, you may worry excessively about your children as a way of not dealing with some other aspect of your life. Your child may be moving away from home and you may be hiding your real concerns about the next phase of your life. You may have marital, medical or financial concerns but distract yourself with unnecessary concerns for the children or almost anything else. In this case, the main way to identify this kind of worry and anxiety is by noting that the concern for the child is clearly excessive, which tells you that the worry has some other purpose.

This first example would be an example of one of the “Three Poisons” in Buddhism. Here the “real life issue” you are having for some reason seems too overwhelming to deal with. The energy is therefore diverted to something else, in this case, something we convince ourselves we should worry about. As time goes on we may forget how this little habit got started and simply worry too much about almost anything else e.g. the children in the previous example. So the problem is twofold, we aren’t spending our energy where we should and we are spending the energy to create new problems!

When Conscious and Subconscious Mind aren't Aligned

There is another, even more occult way, to become a worrywart. There are times when you may have a very real concern and begin to ‘feel into’ all that is going on and all of the options that surround your concern. However, “feeling into” any concern requires that you align your Conscious and Subconscious Mind. You may need to be in a fairly quiet place, think about what life is all about, do a little prayer or meditation and then carefully think about the concern. Some people do this by going on a quiet walk in nature; others have a specific person who helps them get into this aligned state.

What happens if you try to “feel into” a concern… and have not prepared yourself to do so? What happens when you simply try to consider this important issue “off the cuff”. In such a situation your Conscious Mind, with very little support from your Subconscious Mind will try to discern all of the available options by itself. Here is the problem. Your Subconscious Mind knows better and sends you signals of disagreement. Your Subconscious Mind gets your attention by giving you worry and anxiety about your answers.

So here again the problem is twofold. You are thinking about something of concern without the support of the part of the mind that can do it for you. You therefore come up with superficial answers and suffer the cues of Subconscious Mind’s anxiety

Differentiating Two Kinds of Worry and Anxiety

How can you tell the difference between these two types of worry and anxiety? In the second example, you will sense that your concern is real and deserving of your attention. In the first, your conscious concern is clearly excessive.

In the second example, develop your way to get yourself in an aligned, thoughtful state. Give yourself time to get into that state and then to allow your Subconscious Mind to “feel into” all of it’s resources and provide its "Wholistic" answers. If you feel you need more time, allow your Subconscious Mind to “walk with the question”. Put the question down for a few days to a week and then check in again as you did before to see if even deeper resolutions are available.

Please see other articles about how to use the wide variety of Oneness Approach techniques to “feel into” and find your answers. You will learn to align your Conscious and Subconscious Mind even more deeply and then walk in Oneness throughout the day!

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