Connecting Deeply to Make a Difference

You trained hard and are very good at what you do. Although there may be many others in your field, you know you bring more to the table of those you serve. There is clear evidence of this as you have helped people transform who suffered for years under the care of others. Yet, there are so many who could use your help but don’t know you exist. Worse yet, there are some who come once - and just give up. You need to know how to connect more deeply, the first time and every time, so people hear you and in time, end their suffering.

Benefits of Connecting Deeply

Connecting deeply in any relationship simply feels good! Each of our little neurons (brain cells) just loves to talk. For them it’s either talk or die. So when connecting deeply with others, millions of your little “mirror neurons” dance in the depth of your new relationship. These “mirror neurons” have a special gift. They have the ability to share the sum of all you know and have ever been through with the people you feel deep connection with. You can literally sense each other in ways that establish instant trust and understanding.

When connecting deeply, you establish rapport. Having a deep rapport with someone feels like you’ve made a new best friend. How do you feel when you are with your best friend on a really good day together? Can you remember such a time? Take a minute. Where were you? What were you doing? Now allow a deep breath and feel the inside of your chest and abdomen. Try to create the same sensations you felt that day. This is what it feels like when you connect deeply and your mirror neurons are alive and happy.

When your mirror neurons are alive and happy, you are offering the best of who you are to the person you are with. You are comfortable and grounded. You feel good about who you are. You feel good about the person you are with. You are able to share clearly and deeply with them. You are able to sense the next thing to say because you are able to read them deeply as well. It is almost as if you are in each other’s heads because, in a way, you are in each other’s heads. This uncanny ability of your mirror neurons to read into the thoughts of others feels good and is good for your relationship.

Have you ever noticed that when your best friend smiles, you can’t help but smile yourself? Some call this “mood induction” but it is simply another power of your mirror neurons. When you feel comfortable and grounded your mirror neurons begin reaching out and connecting deeply with others encouraging them to feel the same way. If they were tense, they tend to relax. If they have a question or concern, they tend to feel comfortable sharing it. When they share a question, you both share the necessary connections with each other to find the answers that work for them.

The Art of Delivering

Have you noticed that the same question may generate different answers for different people? Have you noticed that you take different approaches to the same question depending on who you are talking with? Have you noticed that the answers you find for one person tend to work better for that person? There is what you know, and then, there is the art of delivering what you know. This is a part of what makes you unique and able to bring more to the table of everyone you serve.

As you practice developing this strength you will experience a more consistent response in all you do. Consistent practice will connect you to another responsibility of your mirror neurons. They connect you to your relationship with yourself and others but they also connect you to the world. These connections create a consistency that becomes palpable for you and for all of those you know, love and serve.

Join us in these practices and develop a greater awareness in all you have to offer. Then deliver at a level that is clear, consistent and creates the kind of experience that you and everyone else will enjoy.

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