Give Your Life a Boost by Preparing for Death

What if preparing for death allowed you to enjoy your life more? What if it also allowed you to deal with the rest of life’s challenges much more easily? What if it allowed you to learn more from each of your challenges? And, what if this knowledge helped you to recognize and use each of your strengths more effectively? Interested? then read on!

Each of us is born with a Conscious Mind and a Subconscious Mind. Our Conscious Mind has much less processing power but can allow us to get by in life. In fact, many of us are fairly unaware of our Subconscious Mind as it lives just under our consciousness. The truth is, even when we don’t connect deeply with our Subconscious Mind, it is still doing most of the work. We wouldn’t be able to walk, drive a car or even carry on a conversation without it. Think about it - where does your next thought come from?

What Interests Subconscious Mind

Your Subconscious Mind has been there for you since before your birth and will be there for you until your last breath. It is interested in anything and everything that touches you in any way. It is very interested in things that are like you and not like you. It loves to enjoy both! It looks for ways to enjoy each in new and novel ways.

It is very interested in expanding its own awareness. It likes to join with others verbally and nonverbally. It enjoys sensing what others are feeling and allowing others to know how it is feeling. It pays attention to everything that seems to affect its own and others' enjoyment. And it is doing all of this constantly.

It is also interested in time and timing. Despite all of its efforts to know just about everything in and around you, these efforts are directed to only one moment in time. That moment is called, “The Now”. It is interested in anything that can make each moment of your life deeper, richer and more enjoyable. It enjoys using information from the past to predict how to be “more present, more engaged and more effective.” It enjoys predicting future outcomes and using this information to refine not only your words but also the way you say each word. Literally, it is more interested in the spaces between the words than the words themselves.

What Does the Conscious Mind Do?

So what is the power of our Conscious Mind besides allowing us consciousness? Conscious Mind allows our Subconscious Mind focus all of its efforts on the Now. It listens to where Subconscious Mind wants to focus and directs its lens on that area. It can have us focus with all of the power of Subconscious Mind on a conversation, a child running close to our car or a memory.

All of this follows a variety of rules and takes practice. One rule is that Conscious Mind doesn’t need to listen to the desires and directions of Subconscious Mind. If you constantly followed the direction of your Subconscious Mind you would be thinking, feeling and acting with a great deal more information about everything around you. More than this, you would be very practiced in doing so. Your ability to read into the intention of others would be at a very high level. Your ability to allow people to love you would also be greatly increased.

Subconscious Mind and Preparing for Death

One thing that seems to provide your Conscious Mind with the desire to connect with your Subconscious Mind is that you don’t have forever. Breaking it down even further, you lose ground when you practice living as though you do. Subconscious Mind knows better but your Conscious Mind has the right to ignore this information. By ignoring this information, there becomes a larger and larger separation between what you are aware of consciously and what is actually going on in your life.

This result of ignoring important relationships may be allowing years to go by after a disagreement in anger, anxiety, depression and judgment. This tends to happen when queues are missed with friends, family and career partners. Lastly, others who are living more mindfully will notice that you really don’t seem connected to or engaged with them.

Preparing for Death Means Practicing Awareness

You are precious. Every moment of your life is precious. Every person in your life has a lifetime of information to engage with and enjoy. Your present life has a beginning and an end and every moment has a prominent position. Mark Twain said once, “The two most important days of your life are the day you were born and the day you decide why.”

Begin each day practicing the awareness of why you are on this earth and why this day - this moment - is so important. Notice the subtleties that save relationships and allow you to really “see” your friends and family. Capture the life patterns that allow trust and confidence to form in your business relationships. Know when and how to say yes, and when and how to say no. Most of all, know yourself deeply and have empathy and wisdom for everyone who enters your life.

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  1. Kimberly Wilson
    Kimberly Wilson says:

    It’s been my experience that those who are afraid of death are those who have not lived a mindful life. I believe that living mindfully makes one embrace the here, the now, and takes away any fear or dread of the transition to our next journey. I have shared previously the honor of being with my mother-in-law as she passed from this world to the next. What a humbling moment for me. Dare I say that the moment was magical? I know it seems perhaps morbid to celebrate death. But, if we live a mindful life and have connected wholly with our Spiritual source, what a journey awaits us! I have said at times when I am with someone who has lost a loved one, ‘Just think of where he/she is! What a joy!’ I sometimes get very strange looks and other times, I receive nods in agreement, but few people actually SAY the words. I’m sure there will some that may disagree with my point of view regarding death, and that’s totally ok. I just believe every day is a day that should be spent preparing for death by living the best life that I can, loving, honoring, and connecting with my fellow man but most importantly my Spiritual Source, my reason for being on this earth.

    Namaste, my friends.

  2. Michael Seng
    Michael Seng says:

    You are a champion for anyone who yearns to heal yesterday and look forward to tomorrow every moment of their life. As you say… we are always healing, on the day we marry… as well as the day our cherished one joins their ancestors.

    Everyday we heal as we help others heal. This is the way of our Subconscious Mind, our heart and our soul. Thank-you for sharing your life journey with us!


    Dr. Seng


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