Learning to Trust Your Counselor

Exploring Your Relationship with Your Higher Power with a Counselor

In the ‘Oneness Approach’ we literally welcome the therapist to experience our life and share with us what they see. All of this is done both consciously and unconsciously. The more trust and rapport that exists; the deeper we can explore. This allows more healing to take place. The rapport is a necessary part of the healing process as our mutual ‘mirror neurons’ heal parts of us that cannot be put into words.

Both persons in the therapeutic relationship must trust so that situations can be explored deeply and answers applied fully and consistently. Often, how each deals with the others ‘imperfections’ is at the heart of therapy. Every attempt is made to keep boundaries clean, to allow for the ‘point’ of therapy to remain sharp. The point may be an issue, a relationship, a thought, a mood, really anything and likely all of these things. And with each issue resolved a bit of wisdom is added to our strengths.

Personal Development Activity to Help You Trust Your Counselor

Do you trust every single word your counselor tells you? I hope not. You have a Higher Power and it isn't one of us. On the other hand, it is important to ask yourself if you feel that you trust your counselor is doing the best they can. Do they like you? Do you feel they are on your side? That's their job! Only when you trust them to be on your side can you hear some of the 'more interesting' suggestions you need to hear. The next time you question something your counselor tells you, let them know! They would love to hear about it. You know, they may even be wrong. BUT the more you KNOW they are wrong, the more you may want to listen.

Ever wonder why your counselor gives you homework? They are trying to get rid of you! They know that the faster you learn to apply daily rituals to guide your strengths, the more you will grow past any difficulty you now have.

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