Living Richly with Important Daily Rituals

The Role of Daily Rituals in Healing and Living Richly

In addition, the Oneness Approach encourages daily rituals to allow our unconscious mind the opportunity to absorb the intent of the therapeutic experience. This allows the conscious mind to let go of ‘the issues’ that have been dominating its efforts. Once this happens, the full power of the unconscious mind is unleashed and real change becomes possible. Internal trust is established and deeper moment- to-moment experiences and learning become possible. We can begin living richly. For example, when learning to type we allow our conscious mind to teach the unconscious mind the meaning of each key on the keyboard. This dominates our conscious thoughts until we trust ourselves enough to look up and allow unconscious mind to take over. Much like meditation, this is the optimal organization of the conscious and unconscious mind’s efforts. When we ‘look up’ we are letting go. Letting go does not mean ‘not thinking about it’. It means allowing the unconscious mind to lead while the conscious mind provides gentle oversight. We type faster, see situations more clearly, respond to each other more compassionately, heal more completely, experience life more fully and love ourselves and others much more deeply.

Personal Development Activity

Try this. Take one person in your life that you see every day that means a lot to you. Every morning as soon as you wake, think of them, and think of how you might care for them one percent better that day. Do it, and then each night smile and thank your Higher Power for allowing you to do this and share another day with them. See what happens, if you dare!

Another way to optimize the way we experience love and life is to minimize the need for suffering in our lives. Next, let's discuss our 'need' for suffering.

Your Personal Strengths and Highest Mind
Focusing on Our Higher Power
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