Mindfulness Therapy – What is it?

What is Mindfulness Therapy?

When speaking to Dr. Gail Brenner on our recent podcast she mentioned that she helps people discover their true self through the practice of mindfulness. From this place she then helps people consider their thoughts, feelings and actions and compare them to what they know to be true for themselves. Then, people can slowly create new thought and feeling patterns. They extinguish old habitual patterns by creating authentic interactive patterns that inspire.

Subconscious Mind - Your True Self

The place where true self exists is described by Loch Kelly in his book "Awake Awareness." See Loch's site. Your conscious mind serves as a lens through which your true self peers. This authentic self or what I call your Subconscious Mind serves as the ground of your being. Its existence can be easily missed for the same reason you may miss acknowledging the air that exists all around you. It is so much a part of you that you simply miss its existence.

You are very aware of your conscious thoughts and these can simply drown out any awareness that something else is behind and directing - it's Subconscious Mind’s activity. Even neuroscientists can be affected by this bias as they may mistake conscious mental circuits as directing the activity of subconscious circuits. Likely, the Subconscious Mind is ubiquitously taking in all that is going on both in and around you and directing the focus of your Conscious Mind. This subconscious call to Conscious Mind is continuous, nurturing, directing and compassionate to you and others.

How Does Subconscious Mind Work?

The existence of your subconscious directives can be discerned easily by questions like, “Where does your next thought or word you are going to speak come from?” Certainly not Conscious Mind! Can you imagine trying to come up with the next word you should say while you are talking. Some would argue that this is simply habit as you say many of the same words each day. True, but each word is said with just the right inflection, at just the right time, with just the right space between each word to have the greatest impact in each moment. Conscious Mind simply hasn’t the time to figure this out. Something is feeding Conscious Mind.

Your Conscious Mind exists in the moment… for a moment. It directs all of the resources of your Subconscious Mind for optimum outcome. It considers everything that has happened to you in the past as it relates to this moment. It considers of all possibilities in the future to gain maximal outcome now and in the future. It does all of this, constantly, in all that you do. Your Conscious Mind would be so flooded with all of this information that you would instantly become paralyzed if this all had to be processed in Conscious Mind.

When you consciously try to use past experiences to “beat on yourself” Subconscious Mind will try to warn you with a feeling of shame or overwhelm. This is much like the way it warns you with a feeling of fright you may feel if someone jumps in front of you while driving. The feeling is not to cause you harm or confuse you. It is Subconscious Mind’s way to make you aware of something that seems unaligned with optimum outcome in the moment… either within or around you.

Become Aware of Your Subconscious Mind

I believe that the Subconscious Mind is the generator of your Awake Awareness. As you become more aware of its presence, you can learn the messages of love that it generates for you and for everyone around you. From this space you can discern what those “meaningless thoughts” are all about. And then… you will be able to use your Conscious Mind to direct the healing love of Subconscious Mind and develop the two wings of the bird… both wisdom and compassion for everyone.

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