Oneness Approach Podcasts: Sharing Inspiring Life Stories!

The Search for Insight

When choosing someone to help you find insights into some aspect of your life, there are several things you will want to feel into before you make your choice. Many will have potential answers that may help others. However, you are unique. Who you are, why you are, how you got to the place you are right now and where you want to go are all a part of the answer. Let’s talk a little about what you may want to know and how you might find your answers.

You may have relationship problems, physical problems, educational problems but the bottom line is that you want to live life to the fullest. You have a sense of why you are on this earth and what living life to the fullest means to you. You may not be able to put this into words but your Subconscious Mind will know it when it sees it. Your mirror neurons will reach out to theirs…and you will feel the chemistry. You want to find someone who is world class and you want someone who can bring their world class experience to you.

How Other's Life Stories Can Help

Listen for a time when they give their life story. They may have a scripted life story that they have told over and over… that no longer has life in it. To give it life, the person may accentuate their story in some way that seems larger than life. It may seem incredible and may be true…but unless this also describes you, your life and where you find yourself today, you may find yourself chasing their dream instead of discovering yours.

Listen for the strengths they were born with. Do their strengths resonate with yours? Listen for the struggles they had early in their life dealing with their strengths. If they are sensitive, how did they deal with this as a child and teenager. Does anything in this part of their story seem to call out to you, sound familiar or ring true?

People who have something real to offer aren’t teaching from their heads - they are sharing from their hearts. They have met with some life crisis where they were forced to make a decision. They were forced to change the way they thought of their strength or discover a strength they didn’t know they had. When you hear this part of their story, your desire to learn more about them or buy their book should have you jumping out of your chair! This is what I hope to accomplish with the Oneness Approach podcast.

Benefit from Life Stories on the Oneness Approach Podcast

There is a human tendency to hesitate. To say to yourself, “I’ll call in tomorrow” and then a week later you can’t remember their name and tomorrow never comes. Another tendency is to stop listening about half way through - the person is talking about something inside you that is tender. That’s ok, but this tells you that here is an opportunity for you to heal.

So, when you hear the story that calls to you, do something that keeps the conversation going. You needn’t “sell the farm” but please, take the next step. Read the book, go to the website, sign up for a class or course because this is your time - this is your chance to make that decision that will change the way you feel about yourself and your strengths.

Listen to the experts I talk with on my Oneness Approach podcast. Listen to their stories. Then, tell me what you hear and let me know when you want to hear more!

Take care!

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