Psychiatry and Oneness: When Antidepressants Stop Working

Why did my Antidepressants Stop Working?

This is a great question. While no one is going to feel good all of the time, when you have an excellent response to antidepressant it usually works as long as you take it. I don’t think you would be asking this question if there were an obvious stressor in your life unless the response to this stress seemed excessive. When someone comes to see me and this is their leading question it usually means is that life was going along fairly normally when suddenly, “for no apparent reason” they fell into a depression they had not experienced in years.

You may have decided to return to the original prescriber for answers. Often, there is little time to completely evaluate what is going on. The prescriber is left to simply change or increase the dose of the antidepressant.  It has been my experience that these types of changes are seldom effective in the long term. Often, you may feel slightly better for a few weeks only to again fall into feeling terrible. I have seen this sort of “antidepressant chase” going on for years.

This suffering extends from you, to your family, friends, and co-workers. It can lead to terrible misunderstandings and consequences. The mind goes from dealing with the depression to falling into various addictions, inappropriate anger and anxiety and judgmentalness. You may begin to believe that those around you are somehow responsible for your depression. You may be tempted to give up on family relationships, your career or long-term friendships. Those around you may not see you as depressed. They may feel they must accept that you don’t really love or care for them. This inevitably hurts everyone involved.

Also, depression is a neurodegenerative illness and significant portions of your brain, for example, the hippocampus which is the state of our memory, literally shrinks over time. If this describes what you or a family member are experiencing I hope the following discussion about medications, psychiatry and Oneness will be help you to find your answers!

How Can Psychiatry and Oneness Help?

First, this is unusual, serious and requires a new complete evaluation. Everything that is happening to you makes sense when you put all of the factors together in the right order. There is a reason for this return of your depression although it might not be easy to discover. Discuss how you feel to those close to you. Use all available information - both how you feel and how you look to others. Ask family members if anyone has experienced anything like this and what they have discovered about it.

With this information and hopefully with someone who knows you to go along, reach out for help. As time goes by any number of medical issues may trigger feelings that are similar to your depression.  However, it’s in how you feel different that may lead to your answers! If you and those around you carefully go through your symptoms you may find the missing pieces to you puzzle. I would ask that you and someone close to you both visit your family doctor. Let the staff know your concerns and request a little extra time to fully discuss all that is going on.

If this evaluation shows you be medically well, it’s time to move onto the next step. Since it is unlikely that this is the same problem, it’s time to look for an expert who is well educated, experienced and enjoys sifting through your history with you as you both act like a couple of detectives solving a fascinating dilemma. I know it may sound unusual to consider this fascinating but as you do you are already on your way to wellness. You will be able to much more clearly describe how you feel and intuit what seems to make things better or worse for you.

Often what you and your fellow detectives (team members) will discover is either a second challenge or a completely new challenge. At times this new challenge truly begins for no apparent reason. Often, however, this change is result of a vulnerability to a specific kind of stress that one would otherwise consider “no big deal”.

For example, if you suffer ADHD, any new opportunity can cause one to fall into an apparent depression.  When someone is finishing college and looks for an employment opportunity often they will find that they cannot do both. Or, if someone is an excellent in sales and is given a position in management they may feel unexplainably overwhelmed, irritable and eventually depressed. This may be difficult to understand if you don’t know why this is happening.

Clearly, drugs or excessive alcohol can lead to all sorts of problems. Here I would be extremely careful to not ‘assume’ that this is all that is going on. It can be very easy to assume that you’re a bad person so I would ask for you to reconsider. I would ask that you say to yourself, “if this is not me simply being a terrible person, what else might explain what I’m doing and how I feel?” Here is the beginning of the road to your authentic answer!

It has been my experience that people who seem to fall into “bad behavior” are really in a way “self-medicating” an underlying psychological or biological issue. Remember two things, everything makes sense and you are precious.

Previous psychological traumas can cause excessive responses to today's challenges. ADHD can lead to cocaine abuse. Anxiety disorders can lead benzodiazepine or alcohol abuse. Bipolar Disorder are very frequently presents with the above described history and often lead to dependence on pain medications or alcohol.

How does The Oneness Approach help? First, the oneness approach provides you and those you love with an expectation consistent growth. You live your life according to highest ideals. You recognize your strengths and optimize them. You focus decisions around maximizing inspiring relationships. You become increasingly aware of exactly how you’re doing and where you are going.

Second, The Oneness Approach has you actively engage in seven completely different relationship types. These engaged mirrors help you to integrate your understanding of any problem, large or small, as you lead your life of compassion and success. With this confidence comes in attitude of interest toward any challenge that may come your way. Finding challenges interesting has you both open to finding life’s challenges while they are still small. It also enables you to integrate your mind in a way that allows you to explore previously unappreciated options.

Please know, there is an answer to what is going on in your life. You are precious. Find your answers. Solidify your gains and build inspiring relationships!

Psychiatry and the Oneness Approach: Get the Most out of Your Session
Love and Oneness
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