Resolving Complex Problems – Fast!

When You Need to Solve Complex Problems Quickly

When someone asks “How is Oneness Therapy going to help me when the most I have been able to come up with is that 'something' may exist, but who knows for sure? I have real life concerns and don’t have time to get into esoteric theological discussions. Life is happening right now and I need tools to deal with it, right now! I have looked through the material and time and time again there is this insistence on ‘knowing what my life is all about’ and then using this every second of every day! I have things to do, issues to deal with, and this all seems likely to be a huge waste of time. Let’s look at the problems I face, come up with some potential solutions, see what works and move on. How can ‘knowing that likely something may exist out there’ help me what so ever? I need firm answers to complex problems quick and there is a lot on the line!”

My usual response usually goes something like “Yes, I respect that you are very aware of the complexity and the importance of the problems you face. I respect that you see the need for a game plan that works to solve such complex problems. You likely want not to only take care of your present problems, but also want an approach that works in a way that avoids similar problems in the future. This actually saves time. This is the main point of Oneness Therapy. I realize you have a system of answers that you have been using to understand and play this game called life. Oneness will help you find new strategies you can add to your existing answers you already have, refine them, and then systematically use them in a way that maximizes your efforts.”

“You don’t need to, nor are you expected to change your present beliefs in ‘a higher power’ to do it. You will discover many of the same the rules you presently use to make life’s more difficult decisions. You can certainly continue to use them in a consistent manner. If you come across an idea that may improve the love and compassion in you and those around you, you can add them, or change them as you find necessary.”

Are you game? If so, then let’s get to it!
If not, please consider a cognitive behavioral therapist who may provide some of tools you seek.

Take care and know I wish you every success!

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