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He abused me and the kids...and he’s coming back...and I still love him. I feel guilty and want to do the right thing. It has always been like this. They seem so nice at first. They start out doing anything for me. Then...what’s wrong with me? - Charlotte

Learning to Keep Growing in Compassion Together

With the support of those who provide your care please begin applying Oneness strategies to life as you are comfortable. Let’s begin enjoying your life even more, growing in compassion and wisdom while seeing through suffering and facing our pain as you encounter them. These strategies begin with learning to continuously refine our understanding of our 'spiritual source' with our mind/body awareness. Then we actively engage the intent we bring to each moment of our lives using the strengths we have to offer in the relationships we are given to cherish.

From this place we investigate the opportunities and challenges we encounter. We look for relationships that inspire us to expand and grow. We think in relationship and walk with the awareness that, 'the spiritual source in me, lives in you and communicates with me and loves me'.  We use this awareness as the ground of our relationships, always looking to optimize in the 'third choice' of all of our relationships. We each reach for each other’s point of view so that we are both fed with the message of love our spiritual source offers.

We look for balance in our relationships and for the common underlying messages we receive from our spiritual source through the many relationships we maintain. Besides the intimate relationship we future family relationships, friendships, colleagues, life interest relationships and mentors.  We look to active engage along each relationship stream even when no one presently holds that type of relationship with us.

We set goals to provide direction, not necessarily outcome. We expect our goals to change, grow and become more than we could ever have expected. Relationships we have attracted in the past tend to fade as do our contributions as we listen to the messages love has for us in each relationship each day.

We begin and end each day in practice with our spiritual source listening for and growing with the messages of love are given.

We include our intimate partner, family members and friends in our practice as may be helpful. Before making changes please discuss your options with the professionals you have enlisted to help.

These Oneness practices are much like tending a garden, doing a little more each day grows the effort...and the ease!

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