Member Question: Being Aware of Our Ultimate Purpose

The Oneness approach encourages us recognize the living relationship that exists between our ultimate purpose and our moment-to-moment mind/body awareness. It isn't always easy to walk with this kind of awareness but it gets easier with practice.

Member Question

I am a mid-level administrator in a large company. I am pretty passionate about all I do! But there are people who have gotten themselves into positions around here that have no administrative skills! They seem to enjoy emotionally beating people up. Again and again, I find myself dreading talking to them and afterward I feel exhausted.

Yes, and as you say, it is affecting my home life to. I swear my 13 year old must be taking lessons from these people! So, I’m seeing it at work and at home. My husband tries to help but he’s much more laid back than I am and he just doesn’t know what to say or do.


Learning About Our Ultimate Purpose Together

We’ll help Carlie explore what is going on and look to find answers that will serve her, her family and her career. Here are some principles I use to guide our exploration and help us become aware of our ultimate purpose:

From a Oneness perspective, the best answer serves everyone involved. Knowing this allows us direction while investigating options and insights.

At any one time, there is often a ‘hidden issue’ that we have ‘peeking through’ in several of our relationships. It may show itself in different ways but comparing what is going on in our significant relationships can provide the ‘Aha!’ that unravels the knot. This practice is so important that I personally review each night what my spiritual source was telling me in the conversations of the day, capture them on paper and review them first thing the following morning.

There is so much we can learn from and share with our children. As we sit back and ask ourselves, “What are my children REALLY struggling with?" Often, we don't have to look too far back to see where we have struggled similarly in the past!

This process and others found in the Oneness Approach will (and did) help Carlie (not her real name) Please see, 'Engaged Highest Intent worksheet'.

Member Question: Keep Growing in Compassion
Measuring and Self-monitoring
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