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Does the “Father Below” Exist?

Does the "father below" really exist? Find out what neurobiology has to say about distraction and temptation, as well as how faith affects brain growth in a very real way. As faith changes your brain, your perception of all that God has for you, for your relationships and for the world, expands.

The Unforgivable Mistake

You're a good person and yes, you made a mistake. Everyone makes mistakes and this time it was you. You admitted to it, knew it was wrong and asked for forgiveness. Despite all you have done for others through the years, people were shocked and now don’t trust you. Some see you as a terrible person and many won’t even talk to you. Others have done much worse and aren’t treated this badly. What gives?

How Oneness Protects You from Political Discourse

People are paid millions of dollars to make you believe what they are paid to have you believe. They are very good at political discourse. They create flows of information and people who will surround you with predetermined perceptions. In other words, we are being herded. Learn how the Oneness Approach can protect you from falling victim to an adversarial approach that breeds division and help you stay true to yourself.

Spirituality – What’s the Big Deal?

Today, many people wonder if spirituality has any real benefits for everyday life. With a hectic routine, it can seem like taking time to perform spiritual rituals is of little practical value. But what if a different perspective on the matter could transform your thinking and your ability to face up to personal challenges? Learn to view spirituality as a relationship to enjoy real benefits.

Love Your Enemies – Really?

"Love your enemies." "Love those that persecute you." What exactly do those phrases mean? It sounds like you are to encourage your enemies, but how can that be? You certainly aren’t to encourage the persecution that is going on, that goes against the initial call to love one another. Let’s go a little deeper, clear the mist and transform this question.

Marriage – A Gift that Keeps on Giving

We are all much more affected by things we will never remember than we know. We are all playing out family scenarios that have gone on for generations. This can at times cause challenges in our relationships, but there are also family strengths that guide us, providing ways to succeed in our lives. Learn how you can succeed in your marriage and pass on family strengths to your children.

Do You Want to Get Rid of Bad Habits?

Have you noticed that every time you try to get rid of an old, bad habit it simply comes back with a vengeance? Despite your best efforts, nothing seems to change. And you may have noticed that many of your friends and family members have had similar experiences. So, is it hopeless? Or is there a way to break free?

An Answer for Common Struggles

Our diets aren’t what they should be. Our homes aren’t as clean as they should be and the cleaners we use may be causing lung cancer. There’s not enough money to purchase the things that are good for us and our environment. And where are we supposed to find all of those inspiring friends everyone talks about? Here are some practical solutions to these common struggles.

Vitamin Therapies – What are They?

One-a-day vitamins were designed with the average person's nutritional needs in mind. As it turns out though, there is no such thing as the average person! What if you require many times the average person’s needs of a specific vitamin? What if this is leaving you feeling tired, sad, anxious, achy or in a fog? This is where vitamin therapies come in.