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Are Your Word Choices Defining Your Life?

Each day, your word choices create a verbal funnel through which you label, react, integrate, think about, respond to and focus on everything in your life. This means that the way you think about, choose and speak your words can literally change your life. Discover how your words can have a positive and inspiring impact on your life and your relationships with others.

Are You Sharpening Your Morning Ritual?

You have probably noticed that most health experts and business coaches recommend some form of morning ritual. They go by many names, but one thing is certain, refining your morning ritual helps you maintain the 20% effort that will lead to 80% of your future opportunity.

How Do You Pray?

How do you pray? It's an interesting question, since many of us have different beliefs and different ways of praying. One thing is for sure, no matter what faith you practice, prayer is powerful! It can help us connect with our spiritual source, find inner peace and have better relationships with others. What's even more fascinating is that scientists have even found neurobiological proof of this!

A Life Worth Living

You’re smart, you’re talented and you care. You want a life that will inspire and help others. You want a successful career, but more importantly, you want a successful life filled with meaningful relationships with your friends and family. You want to live life with enthusiasm and passion! So what does it take to have a life like that?

Boredom – A Call to Connect with Your Highest Purpose!

Are you bored? If so, there is a strength inside you that is literally dying to be expressed. From the perspective of your brain’s neurons, it is either fire, connect and grow...or die. Learn how to find out what your subconscious mind is telling you and find out why boredom is really a call to get on the path to fulfilling your highest purpose!

Your Pursuit of Happiness

Are you happy? Or are you constantly pursuing this elusive state? Is a life of sustained happiness possible, realistically speaking? Have you found that the things that would make you happy either aren’t available or aren’t appropriate? Let’s explore “sacred happiness”, and see how it differs from normal happiness and how you can be happy while you pursue it.