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Depression and Sceletium

What's the best way to deal with depression and anxiety? While there is no one, single answer, "food is medicine" is a mantra that many of us like to follow and there are many natural supplements that can aid in maintaining optimal health. In this article, we'll take a closer look at the supplement sceletium and how it can help with depression and anxiety.

Constipation – How to Let it Go!

Chronic constipation is no laughing matter. It can be physically uncomfortable, emotionally upsetting, and may even lead to toxins and waste products being reabsorbed into the body when stool remains in the colon for an extended period of time. Fortunately, chronic constipation is relatively simple to resolve with dietary and lifestyle changes. The tricky part is identifying which particular ones might best benefit an individual.

When Should You Take Gastrointestinal Supplements?

There is a growing appreciation of the role of your gut in your overall health. In light of the fact that sensitivity of your small bowel to carbohydrate load, malabsorption and effects of chronic use of antacids can make your whole body an inflammatory mess, I thought a short review of the factors that most affect the absorption of the gastrointestinal supplements you take was in order.

The Science of Dieting

There are many psychological reasons for eating, but your psychology has biological underpinnings that can help you lose and maintain your weight. Learning more about the role protein plays in both feeling full and the desire to stop eating explains several things that can help you better understand where you are and what it will take to get to where you want to be.

The Importance of Flu Prevention

When you have the flu, it’s bad enough to be laid up in bed, uncomfortable, exhausted and in pain. These are reasons enough for someone to do everything they can to maintain a strong immune system, but emerging research suggests there might be a far more serious one: increased risk for stroke or neck artery tears after contracting the flu or a flu-like illness. Even more reason to take preventative measures before flu season arrives!

Depression, Cardiovascular Disease and Your Sleep Routine

We know that sleep is a central problem with all mood and anxiety disorders. We also know that people with depression have twice the mortality and morbidity of those who don’t. But why is sleep so important and how exactly does it affect our health? Let's get down to the nuts and bolts of why developing a sleep routine is so important.

Which Heart Health Diet is Right for You?

Prevailing wisdom on what’s good for the heart seems to change as quickly and as often as the
weather. Recommendations to engage in regular physical activity and avoid smoking have stood the test of time, but dietary advice for cardiovascular health has shifted significantly. Let’s take a look at where the science currently stands on heart-healthy diets.