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Vitamin Therapies – What are They?

One-a-day vitamins were designed with the average person's nutritional needs in mind. As it turns out though, there is no such thing as the average person! What if you require many times the average person’s needs of a specific vitamin? What if this is leaving you feeling tired, sad, anxious, achy or in a fog? This is where vitamin therapies come in.

Nutrient Therapy for Stress Management

Why is life too stressful for some people and not for others? Why do some people recover from a period of depression while others linger for months or years? Why do some people have an occasional panic attack and recover while others develop agoraphobia and over time struggle to leave their home? Dr. William Walsh is providing new answers and new hope through nutrient therapy.

Low Self-esteem – Are Your Problems the Real Problem?

Everyone talks about the effects of low-self esteem and how we should "treat" it. But are we looking at things all wrong? Could it be that therapists set conversations down the wrong neuropathway when we begin each session by addressing your “problem list”? Join me to learn a new way of thinking, a less linear way, that can help you begin to enjoy life again and see yourself as you truly are.

The Retirement Traps

In retirement, you transition from primarily a "doer" to "someone who has done it"! Like any transition, it comes with a few challenges that require careful preparation. Let me share a few ideas that people through the years have shared with me to avoid some common retirement traps.

Family Friends – Support through the Ages

It takes time to go from family member to family friend. No, we're not just talking about a friend of the family, but rather a family member who becomes a friend. This kind of family friend, eventually becomes a keeper of the family memories and wisdom. If you put in the work, you can give depth to any family outing and the love you share can provide a light for everyone else in your family.

What Happens if I Stop Taking My Depression Medication?

There are a lot of controversies about the use of depression medication and this is one of them. Your primary goals in life are spiritual and emotional authenticity, deepening relationships and a healthy lifestyle. Another is to minimize side effects and the use of medications. Sometimes this works, sometimes it doesn’t and sometimes you end up feeling worse than you started.

Why do You Worry? How can You Stop?

Everyone worries. But you may wonder if you worry too much. There is a psychiatric diagnosis called Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD) that pretty much describes what it feels like to be a worrywart. Could GAD be affecting you? Are you worried about it? Let’s take a peek at the symptoms of GAD, the purpose of worry and how you can deal with it.

Calming the Storm with Spiritually Oriented Neurofeedback Therapy

Challenging people and situations can emotionally knock you off your course. What happens when the stress is so loud that you can’t hear your inner voice? The action that your suffering calls for is to find an opportunity that allows you to learn a little more each day about who you really are. Learn how neurofeedback, spirituality and meditation can help calm the storm and bring you renewed joy.