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Is Talking Politics Peacefully Even Possible?

You know better than to talk to anyone about politics, but then someone you respect shares with you how angry they feel about people not caring, and they don't share your political views! Should you argue with them and risk losing a friend? Should you change the subject and avoid the question? A better solution is to help them discover something that honors their honest concerns. Here's how to do it.

Four Techniques for Talking About Sensitive Subjects

Is there a sensitive subject that is eating away at you? Do you feel like you need to bring it up with your partner - but you are afraid of being misunderstood and causing an argument? Left unresolved, a "sensitive subject" can put an end to an otherwise strong relationship. These four practical communication techniques will help you to work out those difficult issues peacefully and make your relationship grow even stronger.

Why Do We Have Suicidal Feelings?

While the homicide rates have been falling, suicide rates have climbed more than 25% since 1999. Let’s discuss what's behind suicidal feelings and how your faith practice and being actively involved in a faith community can help you and your family.

Recovering from Emptiness with Nature

Life transitions encourage deep self-examination. Many times, people find themselves living “on automatic” or simply living out the consequences of past decisions. The gap between how they feel verses what they tell themselves fills with feelings of emptiness from untended relationships and opportunities never explored. Learn how nature can help you restore your oneness, youthful joy and authenticity.

Fighting the War Against Depression

Depression isn't a battle it's a war! Fortunately, there are many concrete practical steps you can take to keep on fighting. Today we discuss six specific areas in which you can work to stay balanced, enjoy life and remember who you really are. Start implementing them today and be relentless!

How to Sustain Your Interests Longer

Do you constantly lose interest in your life interests? Are you always switching hobbies? Do you start learning a new skill only to get bored and give up? To find out what is happening, we need to look deeper. Join me as we discuss why we lose interest and what we can do to sustain our interest and pursue each new activity we take on to the full.

Are Your Word Choices Defining Your Life?

Each day, your word choices create a verbal funnel through which you label, react, integrate, think about, respond to and focus on everything in your life. This means that the way you think about, choose and speak your words can literally change your life. Discover how your words can have a positive and inspiring impact on your life and your relationships with others.