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Accentuate the Positive for Diet and Lifestyle Changes

I have always felt that starting with where you are strong and refining these strengths naturally (and almost magically) addresses any mistakes you are making along the way. In other words, focusing on the positive rather than the negative when reaching our goals is much more beneficial. Find out what the latest research suggests about the impact our attitude has on our long term success.

Can Sleeping Help Your Blood Pressure?

In this crazy world you live in, protecting your sleep may not rank high on your “to do list”. As a “shrink”, it is one of the first things I ask about and the highest indicator that you are doing well. One of the most important functions of our brain is to maintain a healthy sleep architecture each night. Let’s look at one indicator you can easily follow to know you are sleeping well.

What You Should Know About Tick Season and Lyme Disease

Acute Lyme disease and chronic PTLDS are not easily treatable conditions, despite what the mainstream media may suggest. Instead, one single tick bite can initiate a lifelong health battle. As the warmer weather entices us outdoors to enjoy its numerous benefits, it is important to remind ourselves to take adequate precautions against the organisms that share the beauty of the season with us.

Resveratrol and Enhanced Muscle in the Elderly

Sarcopenia is the atrophy of skeletal muscle and is becoming a larger problem with the elderly population, leading to functional decline, and is associated with increased falls and immobility, acute and chronic illnesses, fatigue, and mortality. Find out how resveratrol can enhance the growth of muscle fibers by addressing the metabolic changes that contribute to sarcopenia and prevent the rapid development of the various health challenges associated with it.

Vitamin C and Cognitive Function

With so much concern about remaining vibrant and active throughout our lives, a new study about vitamin C and its role in maintaining cognitive function is more relevant than ever. Dig in to discover how people perform when they are vitamin C deficient vs. when they have plenty of vitamin C in their body!