Attention Deficit Disorder (ADHD) – Use Medication or Not?

Anthony Robbins recently told participants at one of his events, “First they label you, then they drug you!” Mr. Robbins is a truly gifted, “Why Guy” and I enjoy his material and events. One of my fellow participants asked me, “What do you think about him saying things like that?” I responded, “He’s a great Anthony Robbins but not a very good psychiatrist!”

Western and Wholistic ADHD Medication: The Struggle to Relieve Suffering

The Oneness Approach is Wholistic. You’ll notice the “W” in front of the word. Often, the word ‘holistic’ implies everything but “Western” medication. I truly understand and agree with many if not most of the basic precepts of holistic medication. We all need to learn more about it and take better care of ourselves. We need to constantly explore the latest in healthy diets and exercise. Novel treatments for anything that causes pain and suffering need to be discovered, tested and offered to those who are suffering. Eastern, Western, Northern and Southern medicine need to be sifted through carefully for the potential benefits they may offer. Most of all, I feel that we should all be educated about all of our options and allowed to choose what we feel may work best for us.

People frequently ask me at seminars, “Don’t you think many people diagnosed with ADHD don’t actually have ADHD?” And I answer, “Definitely!” Then others will ask, “Don’t you think many with ADHD are suffering because people are missing the diagnosis?” And I answer, “Definitely!” I think the same could be said for nutritional difficulties, diabetes, educational difficulties and just about any other “difficulty” one could name. If any of these problems were easy to see and take care of I doubt they would be called, “difficulties!”

Are there people in this world with the “symptom cluster” called ADHD who are unnecessarily suffering? Absolutely! It is largely although not always inherited. It has a fairly typical look on functional brain imaging but individual variability hasn’t allowed for a definitive diagnosis. This is common to many of the difficulties we human beings can run into! Also common is the fact that each of us handle our difficulties in different ways.

Many who suffer ADHD and hate reading...don’t. Many tell me they have never finished a book cover to cover. Other people with ADHD struggle with social interaction…don’t. They often enjoy computer games and as adults go into the computer industry. Some people with ADHD are chatty and talk a lot…a lot! Some are quiet and shy and don’t talk very much. This might help explain why so many people with ADHD are misdiagnosed or missed altogether. It also helps explain why no single treatment is going to work for everyone.

It also explains why some people don’t believe it exists at all - particularly if they don’t have it or have a very mild tendency for it. Many types of treatment are helpful. Each practitioner in each field finds great satisfaction in helping relieve this kind of suffering. I am very thankful for all of the interest and all of the possibilities for help. I am also hopeful for new ways to discover who has what kind of difficulty. I also look forward to a more definitive way to tell each person what might work best for them.

Find the Right ADHD Medication for You

For now, we have many guidelines that people in various fields follow. My suggestion for any individual would be to choose a Wholistic option that includes improving each relationship in your life. This would include your relationship with yourself! Explore your diet, general health and make sure to work with someone who is experienced in treating ADHD. And, if you and your clinician believe an ADHD medication can help - try it. I’ve seen excellent life changing sustained results.

There is help. There is no reason to go on suffering in this way. And there is a much better life to explore…your authentic life!

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