Bipolar Treatment: Focus on Love and Compassion

Your brain, like much of the rest of you, runs in circuits. There are arteries that carry blood away from your heart. There are veins that lead the blood back. There are nerves that take sensations to the brain and there are nerves that tell muscles how to respond. There are also circuits that help you consider how you feel. There are others that let you know how others feel. And then there are circuits that put all of this together. These are the circuits that process all this information and run your relationships. They help you know who you are and how you feel about your relationships. And they are negatively affected by Bipolar Disorder. So one part of the Bipolar treatment must be to restore your sense of self and the love you feel in your relationships.

Bipolar Treatment, Self-esteem and Strained Relationships

As with any other problem the body goes through, working on getting better…hurts. If you have a torn muscle, your physical therapist must be extremely careful not to cause you further damage. The same is true for Bipolar treatment and any efforts to repair struggling relationships. With a muscle tear, no matter how careful the physical therapist is, working on the muscle is going to hurt a bit. The same is true for your injured self-esteem and strained relationships. This is, however, the work that will bring you and your loved ones back home.

It is easy to see how poor decision making during an episode of Bipolar Disorder might cause one to doubt oneself. It can certainly provide an uphill battle when you look into your eyes in a mirror. But there is much more to it, and this internal problem can cause a great deal of confusion.

Your Feelings during an Episode

You may know very well what happens when you go through an episode. However, you may not know how your mind’s ability to feel anything, including feelings about yourself and others, can be impossibly compromised. Your ability to know what happened, why it happened and what you can do about it is often extremely distorted. You may think that this episode demonstrated how “terrible of a person you are” and it may not have, or vice-versa.

This is one of the reasons why it is imperative to have someone you trust become your Bipolar treatment partner. They can literally save you years of your life by alerting you weeks before you slip into an episode. This is particularly true if you give them permission beforehand when “in the light of day." You may think you can stop your medications, “give someone a piece of your mind”, stop all social activities, go to a bar and “enjoy yourself” when any of these activities may prove devastating to you and those you love.

This illness is neurodegenerative if allowed to go on this way. What this literally means is that your “processing speed”, or ability to think through any situation, can eventually become severely compromised. Not good.

A Bipolar Treatment that Works

One of the best therapies for Bipolar Disorder is building your relationship with your Spiritual Source. In the Oneness Approach, this is represented by building your internal Oneness. You then practice seeing this Oneness in others. You then form Oneness between you and those you love by sensing and guiding your relationship by feeling into what is best for both of you. This builds both your ability to love and your ability to have compassion for others. It also improves your processing speed. Over time this Bipolar treatment can help you heal both internally and with those you love. Consider looking into other ways to rebuild your brain and your life with the risk free Oneness Approach Courses offered on this Website.

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