Discover why these thoughts are so persistent, what they are trying to tell you, and why they won’t go away until you learn their true purpose.

Introducing …

Your Healing Touch Audio Series

This breakthrough training series is the first of its kind to help you understand the reasons you might be experiencing persistent negative thought patterns, and give you the tools to get rid of those thoughts … FOREVER!

You see, the sad truth is, these thought patterns will not go away, no matter how much therapy you do or self-help courses you take. In order to make lasting change, you must reprogram certain neurological connections in your brain through a newly-discovered process called Neuroplasticity.

You will be guided through this extremely effective and simple process as you listen to the voice of Michael Seng, M.D. . Dr Seng is a renowned Psychiatrist who combines Spirituality with the Neurobiology of your Subconscious Mind and transformational Buddhist Wisdom, to guide your thoughts home to the answers that wait for you there.

Dr. Seng has the unique ability to help you hear and understand the story of your inspiring life! Deceiving perceptions of weakness undermine the talents that have been long hidden and untended. … while your Subconscious Mind has been begging you to see yourself as you truly are… and to hear the call of how much the world needs you and the wisdom inside you.

In this groundbreaking audio series, you will be unleashing the power of your mind to access a deeper connection with your own spirituality and inner guidance. You will be learning to “feel into” deeper understandings while simultaneously growing each of your relationships.

This approach engages your Spirituality with every breath to guide your neurological connections through a process called neuroplasticity. This simple process allows you to easily effect lasting change, discover your strengths and reprogram your negative thought patterns…FOREVER.

Did you know that your subconscious intuition is desperate to get through to you? Do you understand it’s message?

Like many of us, chances are, sometimes you do and sometimes you don’t. The Subconscious thoughts that flood your mind may at times seem overwhelming, contradictory and downright abusive.

The truth is that even these thoughts offer a message of hope, guiding you along a trail that sees strength in apparent weakness, makes use of pain to forge wisdom and guides relationships using what is said and what is not said in our conversations.

Dr. Michael Seng – one of the nation’s most respected and unique psychiatrists and an expert in the growing field of “physio-consciousness.” – has now released his first audio course in this breakthrough technology. It reveals all of the transforming and proprietary techniques he has become famous for in private practice and in seminars with clinicians who help people through their life traumas.

If you want to sleep peacefully each night while attracting inspiring relationships then this online course is for you!

Going through Dr. Seng’s course will unleash the energy of your Subconscious Mind’s creativity … to engage others with a greater sense of who you are and what you have to offer them!

This course is like no other you’ve ever heard. Perhaps it’s like nothing that’s ever been produced before!

That’s because Dr. Seng has integrated all of our best modern psychological knowledge and diagnostic technology with deep spiritual essences refined with classical Buddhist understandings.

Using the science of neurobiology, Dr. Seng helps you discover your true internal “Oneness” – so that you will never again unknowingly stray from who you are, or get knocked off course!

You’ll have the “Ultimate Road Map”, your Subconscious Mind, which is the storehouse of everything you have ever experienced to guide you to a future of success, happiness, and accomplishment!

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A sense of true contentment in life can now be yours as you build your wisdom while following your life’s purpose.

Your dreams – whatever they may be – can now be achieved… because you’ll know THE WAY, YOUR WAYto get there.

Imagine how it will feel to “feel your true presence in the world” – at last! You can’t put a price on it.

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Dr. Seng’s 30 years of experience in this field means you can trust him. He’s not an “Internet fly-by-night” Psudo-Doctor. He is a double Board Certified Medical Doctor, in both Psychiatry and Internal Medicine, with 30 years of clinical experience, where he has helped thousands of patients make lasting changes in their lives.

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