Are you aching to do, to have and to be more in this life? Are you frustrated with a lack of direction? Are you more than a little bit angry? Do you feel others don’t fully appreciate you and maybe are taking you for granted? Are you confused? Good, then read on!

Subconscious Mind Knows You Can Be More

You may have only recently begun feeling this way or maybe this has been with you for years. Know one thing, this is your Subconscious Mind’s way of letting you know that you are ready to take the next step in a major part of your life! You have a talent, an internal strength that has been percolating for some time. Your Subconscious Mind senses an opportunity to engage this skill in your life. It senses a new and exciting way for you to develop real value in your relationships. And it is determined to let you know!

As your skills express in a relationship, you feel pretty good. (Your nerve growth factors will be stimulated.) There will always be problems and some may be very difficult. However, when you are fully engaged, the problems feel more like challenges that create inspiration in your relationships. You tend to enjoy, expand and fine tune your relationships. There is clarity, direction, focus and interest.

When a part of your brain has developed to the point that it wants to “join the party”, it calls out to you to be more. The old adage, “if you don’t use it, you lose it”, is very true for your brain cells. This inner strength of yours is a brain circuit that has been growing for some time and is now ready to plug into your relationships. For this circuit, it’s time to either grow or die and it is trying to let you know this.

Identify Your Strengths Through Meditation

The strength that is calling to you can be determined by several practices. First, prayerful meditation gets you in touch with your mind/body circuits. In this kind of meditation, you sense a “feeling of Oneness” or “a conversation with God”. When you take a deep breath, focus on the inside of your body and your awareness of your mind/body circuits will come alive. These practices allow you to align your mind/body circuits and “feel into” the strength that is calling out to you. It will call to you with a unique energetic flavor and excitement.

Another practice involves the practice of growing your relationships. (Please see the Oneness Approach Grow membership for more on this practice.) Each morning guide your intent for the day to grow each of your relationships that day by one percent. Each night, write down where you were successful that day. This will help align the moment-to-moment intent of your life. After a week or so, try this meditation. For the first five minutes align your mind/body circuits by focusing on the inside of your body as before. Then, one by one, focus on each of your major relationships, your life partner, your family, your friends, your colleagues and those you serve, your life interest partners and your mentors. As you do, notice when you feel that same energetic flavor and excitement. This provides a signal as to the direction of your new strength. This is a relationship where this new strength can engage.

Now, let’s go a bit deeper. Continue to improve each of your relationships by one percent each day. For the next week begin your meditations as before by first aligning your mind/body circuits. Now, listen in to the thoughts that run across your mind. Leave in the background the awareness of the inside of your body during each breath. Simply observe each thought as it comes and goes. Try not to “grab onto” any thought, allow your Subconscious Mind to let you know what it is working on. A little of this and a little of that.

Now, hold your hand out and place your anger and frustration in this hand. Hold your anger and frustration like a parent would hold a baby. Your loving attention will soothe this part of you and allow you to “feel into” the new opportunities it sees for you, and for all those you know and love. This allows your moment-to-moment intent to be filled with clarity, focus, concentration, inquisitiveness and joy.

If you want to use these Oneness Approach practices and more to do and be more in this life, if you are ready to know who you are and find your place in this world, if your goal is to discover and optimize your abilities to pursue your passion, then the Oneness Approach Grow membership is the perfect tool for you. Sign up today risk-free.

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  1. Nancy Kingsboro
    Nancy Kingsboro says:

    I’m not sure I totally grasp the meditation part but will give it a try, especially for my sanity and my family. Thank you!

    • Michael Seng
      Michael Seng says:

      Try this, when you have a minute (lol), close your eyes, that a deep breath, and remember a time when you children made you most proud. Then, with your eyes still closed, imagine God with loving eyes smiling at you… feeling proud of you!

      Try this with how you feel think about things/people you are thankful for, grateful for, happy for or even times that made you laugh. Always end with the sense of just how much God loves you!

      Take Care,
      Dr. Seng


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