A Balanced Approach to Growth

balance-rocks-seaIf one were constantly exercising their biceps while ignoring their triceps it would create an imbalance. Given the strength of their biceps they may be tempted to use them and exercise them more creating an even greater imbalance. The person may choose a job that required strong biceps, which would be helpful but, any requirement that would include the use of his triceps would result in disappointment. Likely the person would present himself or herself as a strong person and yet - they might avoid activities that others would think he would find easy. This would lead to misunderstandings all around.

In the example above, one can see that a “balanced” approach to improving the strength of this person’s biceps and triceps would not be optimal. Slow sustained growth of the person’s triceps would provide balance in the strength of the person’s arms. More than that, the person would begin to have greater confidence in many more activities that required this type of balanced strength. More than that, the perception of being a strong man would be much easier to see and appreciate by everyone involved.

Balancing Natural Strengths

The same is true for every natural strength and imbalance between the three pillars of Oneness. When there is great Within Oneness without the supportive Between and Beyond Oneness there exists a lack of external reference. This leaves one overly dependent on their own limited database, which makes balancing natural strengths quite difficult. In an area of intrinsic strength one may be tempted to think that this internal database is all you need, or worse, all that exists.

You can imagine how this would come off to others. Descriptions like “Holier than thou” come to mind. Other possible perceptions would include naive, inexperienced, conceited, self-righteous and seemingly judgmental. One can see that there will be several obstacles for this person to overcome.

The first and most difficult obstacle will be in this person’s natural strengths. They will have likely have met with some success only to have their success thwarted by a lack of supportive wisdom from the other two potential sources of Oneness. This can get so bad that the person ceases to consider this an area of strength at all. This frequently happens to us when we are young and too handsome or pretty, too smart or too popular “for our own good.”

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