girl-on-roof-overlooking-cityYou have a pretty busy life already and then someone else starts in on you. They want more, they want it now, they want it different and they are being kind about it. The more you talk, the less they seem to listen and you feel yourself getting upset. They keep coming at you until you finally blow-up, walk away or give in. And you feel awful! You think about it over and over but it doesn’t help.

Staying Centered as an Empath

Empathy is the mental ability to look into the eyes of another and actually sense what they are feeling. This ability varies person to person just like any other mental ability. Do you remember being sensitive as a child? Empathy is an ability that you were born with that may have made life “interesting” when you were young. I’ve interviewed many extremely successful people on my podcasts and many describe a difficult childhood. Some were painfully shy, many were frequently misunderstood and a few were even thought to be “crazy”.

Have you noticed that people often come to you with their questions? Has it always been this way? Others notice when you are able to really understand what they are going through. They enjoy talking with you because you are able to focus all of your attention on them and their needs. Often, these people become your friends and talking to them about their issues becomes a habit. You are very good at this and, of course, you enjoy helping others. But what happens when you neglect staying centered for yourself?

Staying Centered with Your Subconscious Resources

Then one day, you need something. So you ask one of your friends. Asking for their help feels a little odd but you ask anyway. To your surprise you find yourself needing to convince them that you really do need what you are asking for! You ask another friend and get the same response! This moment of shock and surprise can feel overwhelming. You feel alone - totally alone. You may even ask yourself, “Is there anyone on this earth who really knows me or even likes me?!”

This feeling comes directly from your Subconscious Mind and it is asking for you. You have been using its skill at reading into the thoughts and feelings of others but have not used this same ability for yourself. “Yourself” is the accumulation of all of your Subconscious Resources. It has a mind of its own. It feels with every neuron inside your body. It remembers with even neuron in your skin. It serves you continuously. It even provides you with your next thought and the next word that comes out of your mouth.

It has a deep sense of what is right and wrong for you. It has an opinion about everything you talk about with others. It also has a sense of what works long term for you, for others and for the greater good. It needs you to “feel into” these inner resources as you go through your day so that you can practice staying centered. Other people can talk to you, but only you have direct communication with who you really are.

Your Conscious Mind was created as a lens to be able to focus your Subconscious Resources. Working together they make a great team. Working together you will feel grounded in all that you think, feel and do. Working together you will “feel into” the thoughts and feelings of others but you won’t get lost in them. You will see them in the context of who you are, where the relationships are and what answers would serve you both and the greater good.

Staying centered is a practice. Staying centered is a relationship. It is a relationship with your Subconscious Mind. It is brilliant and knows all about you. It feels like a five-year-old and it loves you very much. All it asks is that you be aware that he or she is there - for you both!

To hear how many other people who were born with the strength of empathy have managed to stay centered even in a crazy world, listen to the Oneness Approach podcast. You can also work towards unleashing the power of your Subconscious Mind by signing up risk-free for one of my Oneness Approach memberships.

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