We all have them and they cost to you! The thought “I can’t stand that guy”, will have you looking for other people you can’t stand and eventually has you sensitized to finding things you can’t stand in all your relationships. How would you like to be able to destroy negativity by replacing such a thought with, “I need to feel into that relationship, there’s something there for me”? Do you think you it might help you with this relationship? Might this new habit help you when frustrated with other relationships? Let’s talk about ways you can get rid these negative thoughts replacing them with thoughts that create inspiring relationships.

How to Destroy Negativity

Engaging your Spirituality to guide your thought life is the mind’s most powerful way to recognize thoughts that don’t align and create new ones that do. Engaged Spirituality increases connectivity throughout the brain. Neurobiologist say, “Neurons that fire together, wire together” through the action of a protein called myelin. Myelin allows quicker and more accurate communication between all neurons. The more we practice thinking, feeling or doing something in a certain way, the more myelin is created for that circuit.

Destroy Negativity by Replacing Bad Habits with Good Ones

Using these concepts let’s replace a few bad habits with one’s that inspire us!

First let’s destroy the old habit:

  1. Determine why you want to get rid of the old habit and be specific. This needs to align with your Spirituality to have the greatest impact.
  2. Tie your reasons to the emotional impact this habit is having on your relationship to yourself and others.
  3. Take some time to feel the real impact this habit has had on your past, right now and in the future.
  4. Be grateful for having recognized this bad habit with the awareness that’s its days are numbered!


Now let’s create the new habit:

  1. What inspired you to make this change? What group do you identify with while incorporating this change in your life?
  2. Create a positive incantation that incorporates the “new you”.
  3. Think of the new habit in its entirety. Get the flow of the new habit down.
  4. “Break down” the new habit in manageable parts. Look particularly at any difficult portions of the new habit and break it down further if need be.
  5. Practice a portion of the new habit until you have it down perfectly. Then begin combining portions together.
  6. Make this process hard enough to maintain interest and easy enough to find the “flow”
  7. Each morning dedicate a portion of the day connecting your affirmation


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