More Than Just a Diet

Are you finding it a little difficult to start your new diet? You’re just about ready but there’s a wedding or some other holiday coming up so… Then there’s always the guy who brings the doughnuts to work on the day you forgot to bring your lunch! There’s plenty of time, right? It’s not really important to start today, so you’ll just wait until next week. Sound familiar? Turn on your motivation music and read on!

Is it weight loss you are interested in or is it integrating healthier diet and exercise choices in your life? That sounds better but, is it incorporating healthier choices or is it integrating more moments of your day under your control? We spend so much time doing what we did yesterday! The neuroscience foundation reports that we have approximately 50,000 thoughts a day, ninety-five percent of which are repeated daily.

But I wonder, is it integrating more moments of the day under your control or is it clearing the mist to realize who is in control of your life? How many of your thoughts remain from your childhood, are affecting your life and are now obsolete? How many are influenced by the news program you listened to this morning or a commercial? How are marketers influencing the way you think and feel about yourself and the decisions you make?

And again, I wonder, is it clearing the mist to see who is in control of your life or might this effort provide greater awareness and clarity of who you are?
Neurobiological Power to Change the World

When day-by-day you make a sustained effort to bring the moments of your life into alignment, you increase your awareness and clarity of who you are. This is a neurobiological power for all of your relationships and can truly change the world. Let’s list a few:

Relationship to Self

  • This effort will provide further ease and direction for all efforts for future personal growth. (Clearing your present-day blocks, or rocks, provides for a more fertile field for your future)

Relationships with your spouse, children, family, friends and colleagues and mentors

This effort will help others in your life to receive a full measure of your authentic inspiration.

  • The depth of your awareness and clarity will help them to establish and then provide you a greater depth and clarity of their own. (If you want them to make changes…make some changes of your own!)
  • Each relationship itself will provide a greater ability to integrate each of your points of view.
  • Decisions will be more authentic to the relationship.
    • This provides clarity for each person.
    • This also provides clarity for everyone else around the relationship.
    • More integrated decisions mean that decisions will be more organic to you both.
    • This mean that there will be less friction with decisions between you both. (Less time spent thinking someone doesn’t love you!)
    • Less friction in decision-making decreases resistance to exploring available options sooner. (More fun!)
    • More integration also means more inclusiveness of wisdom for you both thereby providing greater upside.
  • Greater relationship awareness and clarity in one relationship provides the opportunity to cross fertilize and generalize these gains to other relationships. (Think about how this will affect your kids!)

Movement Will Happen

As a result of the above changes, there will be a movement of your relationships toward others who are themselves making similar gains in their lives.

  • These new relationships can provide a deeper exploration for both of you.
  • These new relationships also provide a beautiful challenge to experience the wisdom of another who will in some ways not have had the opportunity to experience the wisdom that you have earned and visa-versa. (Can you learn from a wise person who is not so wise in some ways? Can you talk to a wise person knowing the same is likely true of you?)
  • These moments provide a deeper palate of sharing that is then shared in the communities of you both.
  • This type of sharing eventually touches the world.

Now ... what do you think? Are you ready to begin ... and change the world??

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