You were born to create and enjoy great relationships. You were born with specific strengths to “make it so”. As you started out, you began experience how this worked for you. You smiled at your parents and your parents smiled back. You treated others kindly and, for the most part, others treated you the similarly. Then, in school, in competitions and in other aspects of life what seemed to come easy to you became evident. You may have been empathic, smart or quick in certain arenas. When you embrace your strengths, these early experiences may have provided you clarity, and clarity of power! With each growing strength, your future potential became clearer.

When Strengths Look Like Weaknesses

But what happens when early experiences mislead you? What if you didn't embrace your strengths, but instead, your empathy was experienced as a weakness? What if your intelligence leaves you bored? What if your strength intimidates and alienates others? Do you remember such painful experiences? What decisions did you make to minimize the pain? How many of these decisions remain to this day? Your mind is always creating pathways. Each decision you make creates a practice and practice makes permanent.

How Thoughts Solidify Mind-body Connections

Every decision you make solidifies mind-body connections creating what I call your “physio-consciousness” or sense of all that is. Every moment you build connections, which allows you to experience your spiritual essence. Simultaneously, you build connections with others through your mirror neuronal system. Another system acts as a third vector that intersects with each moment connecting your physio-consciousness with everything and everyone you have ever experienced.

Each thought, feeling and action creates results both inside and all around you. You build each aspect of your physio-consciousness, one decision at a time. Spiritual, mental and social patterns from within and around you. This is the reality you experience. If you experience your empathic abilities as weakness…that’s how it will feel. If your intelligence has led to decisions that bore you…you will be bored. If you are afraid of using your strength for fear of offending…you may never realize that this strength ever existed.

Embrace Your Strengths!

How can we avoid this?

  1. Talk with your children every day about their experiences. There is a strength behind every feeling they have, find it and show it to them!
  2. When you child is struggling ask yourself, “What strength may be causing this “problem?” A desire to succeed in one arena may come from a strength in another.
  3. Give your child the opportunity to experience their strengths. Encourage daily exploration of their mental, physical, social and artistic attributes before, during and after school. Discovering, exploring and refining new strengths is a never-ending process that deepens and expands their physio-consciousness.
  4. Always work to grow each of your strengths in relationship to your spiritual essence, your relationships and the world. In this way, you will take full advantage of how you are wired. This will maximize the way you utilize each strength.
  5. Continue the practice of growing each relationship type during the day and affirming your successes each night. The direction of your desired growth will emanate from your strengths, even if you don’t yet know you have them. In this way, each strength generates wisdom in its use.
  6. When you were misled in your youth about a strength, your physio-consciousness may call out, sometimes painfully in shame, guilt or fear, for correction. Recall that every thought and every feeling is trying to guide you to your truth. Consider learning how to listen to such feelings in the “Your Healing Touch” audio course.
  7. This practice expands your physio-consciousness by raising nerve growth factors throughout your mind-body connections. From a neurobiological perspective, sustained happiness is not possible by merely acquiring more “stuff”. Your mind, your physio-consciousness requires something else. It wants to you to grow. Expanding your physio-consciousness represents your true path to sustained happiness for you, your loved ones and the world.
  8. Continuing this process late in life may not prevent hair thinning but, early evidence suggests it may prevent thinning of the grey matter in your cerebral cortex!

To learn more ways to create and enjoy great relationships of all kinds, sign up risk-free for a Oneness Approach Grow in Oneness course to discover and leverage abilities you never knew you had!