Oneness and the Value of Empathy

holding handsThe Oneness we feel with our spiritual source reaches out to the Oneness in others. The energy vibration within you is the same vibration you offer others to help, to heal and to be. These vibrations dance and harmonize between every word spoken, every gesture, every glance.

As you take a deep breath you sense the spirit in you. You feel whole, complete and relaxed as you look into the eyes of others you meet. You keep your body aligned as this allows your energy to flow freely within you. As you do, you notice the people you talk to perk up and lean into the conversation a bit deeper.

People may tell you you are a good listener and you know you’ve worked on it. You were told long ago about the value of empathy - being open to every feeling someone brings to a conversation. It's not always easy, particularly when someone is angry or reacts suddenly out of character, like that time your friend suddenly broke out laughing during a poignant conversation. It takes genuine interest (hmmm, what’s that about?) in everyone, at all times, and it takes practice!

Learning to Practice Empathy, Sympathy and Compassion

You first needed to develop a deep gentle interest in your 'thought' life. You learned about the meditation practice, where you would simply follow whatever came to mind or ‘Choiceless Awareness’. Remember all of those peculiar thoughts that passed by your consciousness. (And still do!) This was a practice that is much like empathy but in this case you were practicing empathy for yourself. Not really questioning or responding to any of your thoughts, you were just present…with them. If you had questioned any of the thoughts that drifted by it would have interrupted your flow.

This helped you understand how others feel when they need someone to hear them. It’s almost as if people need to hear, out loud, what is going on inside their mind. Your role is simply to allow them the relationship space they need to safely ‘feel into’ and integrate their thoughts and their energy.

It is so tempting to offer them at least a thought or two, particularly when they seem to be struggling with something! But each time you did, you noticed the muddy waters that your ‘offer to help’ left, as the person struggled to get back to that place where conscious and subconscious mind were aligned.

You also learned about compassion, which includes empathy, plus a desire to help…when requested! There were times that you would practice ‘following your thoughts’ in meditation. There were other times when something inside you reached out to you for love and understanding. Like that memory of being misunderstood by a close friend. You still felt a little hurt so you held that feeling in your hand until the feeling relaxed, letting you know that you really did love that person.

These experiences taught you empathy and the need to be heard and those sometimes-subtle signs for more of a nurturing presence. This type of vulnerability encourages you to hold a loving presence for them. It calls for a deep trust in their feelings eventually leading them to an authentic place. So many times these feelings tell part of a story that, when allowed to come to completion, is beautiful and full of healing grace.

As you have now learned to trust your Oneness, both internally and eternally, you enjoy times when, in the course of a relationship, you feel so close and share such similar experiences that sympathy for what they are going through flows and is accepted. This kind of sharing enhances your loving practice allowing a courageous spontaneity about you. It takes time to develop this particular art and yet - it is worth it! It is the freedom to be. And allows your relationships to be all they can be and inspire.

You are a good communicator and your practice of internal and external Oneness has allowed you to develop wisdom around sharing your Oneness with others. Every strength needs time in each type of relationship to fully develop such wisdom. Keep it up, grasshopper!

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