The Case of the Lost Keys

keys-on-ringHave you ever said, “It was in the last place I looked!”? And of course, you are right because who would continue looking after they found something. Well, how did you feel just before you looked in that last place? Likely you thought to yourself, “I’ve looked everywhere I can think of - twice as a matter of fact. It can’t be in this last place, but I better look there anyway.” And there it was.

Most of the time we are on automatic about the many things we are doing. We walk, open a door, hang up our coat, set the keys down and go to the fridge without much, if any, conscious thought. We may not ‘wake up’ until someone in your home greets you and even then…

However, what happens if the next morning you can’t find those keys you set down the day before. In this event, your conscious mind must help your subconscious mind sift through the available memory to try to remember where you set the keys down. The more you have routinized where you set the keys, the easier your subconscious mind will be able to figure it out.

But what if you do that and you still can’t find the keys? Well, if you’re a guy, you may ask your wife to help you look for them. Often she’ll find them in a few seconds ‘hiding’ under a few coins in the first place you looked. You’ll swear you looked there three times and they weren’t there, but the evidence seems to indicate that you simply overlooked them.

But what if she can’t find them either? You look and look and they are nowhere to be found. You’ve checked your coat. You checked to see if you dropped them on the floor. You went back in the car, just in case somehow you left them there in the car…nothing! This is impossible! They have to be somewhere!

So now you are going to be late for work and you are getting upset. Your wife, bless her soul, has pity on you and helps you recount yesterday's activity step-by-step. You’ve looked everywhere! They have simply disappeared! Then she asks an unlikely question, “What did you do just after you put the keys down.” You tell her that you poured yourself some lemon water from the fridge.

Then you both look at each other and you say to her, “I couldn’t have left it in the fridge! No way!” But as she begins walking to the fridge, the scene seems to go into slow motion and the closer she gets, the more you tell yourself, “It can’t be in there!” Yet, there is tightness in your stomach that tells you differently. You sense that this is going to be another one of those times that you are going to find your answer ‘where you least expected it.’ And, of course, there lie the keys right next to the picture of lemon water.

Finding Answers: A Study of the Subconscious Mind

So, what are the life lessons in this? Yes, yes, I know. I could have just as easily used an example of where a woman struggles to find something in her purse. The lessons go for both men and women!

This is really a study in how your subconscious mind stores information. In general, the more you build a routine in your life, the more you will be able to reproduce consistent results. Also, if something isn’t working, the more quickly you will be able to process what needs to be changed to solve a problem. Basically, routines make finding answers easier for the subconscious mind.

In addition, your subconscious mind has ways of checking on itself that have the same ‘holes’ you have when you initially create a problem for yourself. Thus, if you tend to throw your keys in a drawer, you’ll tend to briefly scan the drawer when looking for the keys. You use the same circuits to both put the keys in the drawer as you do to look for the keys. They are located in the same part of subconscious mind. This is why someone else will likely be able to help you find the keys or the errors in a document that you simply don’t see.

Finally, we all have things we have decided to believe that don’t really hold up to all situations in life. You may feel independent and so have difficulty asking for help. You may feel you can’t do something and so limit your efforts while trying. You may feel someone doesn’t like you so you don’t check out the situation carefully. You may have decided that ‘selling’ is bad so you don’t represent yourself or what you have to offer well. You may think therapists are quacks, medications are all bad or that depression is ‘all in your head’…and delay finding answers that would serve you.

The bottom line is that ‘when you have tried everything’, it is very helpful to ask for some help. If this person isn’t able to help, then you need to ask someone else who sees life differently than either of you. Ask yourself, ‘If I had truly tried everything then this would be solved so…what haven’t I tried?' Often, no matter how unlikely, you’ll find the keys there! The real question is: How important is finding answers to you?

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