Unique Perspectives Offer Wisdom

Beautiful shell in sandSome people say that we should never try to be perfect. Others say that their desire to be perfect is what drives them and allows them to maximize their skills, their relationships and their life! So… who is right? The Oneness Approach suggests you look for wisdom in all points of view. No one has all the answers and everyone provides a lifetime of learning from the perspective of their desires, skills and experiences. Everyone has wisdom to share, and knowing this allows you to take the conversation to a whole new level.

People are right given their unique perspective. With ‘deep listening’ you can hear both what they are saying and their perspective. For example, listening to a democrat and a republican talk, the democrats might say, “Business is about providing a decent wage for its workers.” A republican might respond, “Business is about providing consumers with what they want, when they want it, at a price that is competitive.”

These two points of view may seem at odds, especially if we allow the democrat and the republican to get a little excited and during an election year! Your Conscious Mind can get stuck in linear thinking in such circumstances. It can also get pretty excited using excitement, rather than good judgment, to make decisions. While excitement is good, adding a touch of judgment to the other’s position hinders the potential outcome.

Finding Wisdom in Opposing Points of View

When you “feel into” the above political discussion, it is easy to see that these two point of view are both true. When you “feel into” a discussion you are using your Subconscious Mind. It is able to simultaneously take in multiple points of view. It then integrates them creating an expansiveness that exceeds either person's position. For example, “Business represents a series of relationships, wherein, each relationship the business touches must demonstrate a sense of ‘your needs being my needs’ and mutual support for everyone’s desires.”

The same can be true of the discussion regarding perfectionism. If we walk with the narrow view of an anxious Conscious Mind we could easily disagree with both positions:

“To try to be perfect is stupid!” (Yes, Conscious Mind can be pretty judgmental!) No one can be perfect and to try to is to guarantee making yourself miserable!”

“To not even try to be perfect is stupid” (There Conscious Mind goes again!) Why live to be mediocre? What are you afraid of? Is that even living?”

Now, let’s give your Subconscious Mind a shot at the question:

“Trying to do any one thing perfectly to the exclusion of all else may not be wise. The more global desire to strive for perfection considering all else that is involved will allow the discovery of who you are, why you were put on this earth and what you will be able to accomplish. Perhaps a better compromise might be to strive to be perfectly imperfect, where we actually enjoy finding how we have acted imperfectly. So we can be perfect today and even more perfect tomorrow!”

So...as a seeker of wisdom, consider the Oneness Approach when listening to any discussion. Listening for where both people are right will allow for the free flow of information between your Subconscious Mind and theirs. It will provide an outcome that gives your life purpose, serves the greater good and allows you the freedom to be who you are!

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