apples-in-a-pileThere are countless points of view out there. Many of them say they have all the answers. Worse than this, the “experts” divide themselves into groups and automatically consider those outside their group wrong. This attitude is present in our political system, with financial people, educators, spiritual people, healthcare professionals. Everywhere and everyone!

As a healthcare professional, I’ve experienced this bias at every level and division. Almost every discipline within the colleges I went to had strong favoritisms. When I was choosing my specialty, I found varying levels of “tolerance” for alternative views, from benign acceptance to intense competitiveness.

The more competitive the compensation was between the various groups, the more divisive were the accusations.

We All Hold A Piece of the Apple

I was lucky to be raised by a profoundly spiritual grandmother. She taught me that we all have value, that we all had a portion of the answers that others need, and that we served the greater good by taking each other seriously.

As I did exactly that, never dismissing other people’s beliefs and opinions, I saw she was right.

People from miles around came to ask my grandmother for advice. You know why? When you take everyone you meet seriously, you begin to connect the dots. You see patterns that others just miss.

Through the years, I’ve seen how prejudice has blinded otherwise very intelligent people. In Buddhism, it is considered one of the “Three Poisons” of mental clarity and the most devastating and difficult to heal.

Despite calls to “Judge not”, scientists and marketers have discovered that people respond to fear more than pleasure. The same scientists have also discovered that making most decisions in a state of fear is unwise. A decision based in fear, other than life-or-death situations, usually depends on incomplete information: hearsay and bias.

Facts Right Alongside “Feeling Into”

When we have all the available information about a situation and take the time to “feel into” our own point of view, our fear becomes smaller. This is true even when there is still a great deal of uncertainty. For example, when they tell us everything we need to know about a surgery for our appendix, we make the decision and tell them to get on with it!

So how do we apply this when it comes to our health? When we want to take our lives to the next level, who do we trust?

This is why I like the word Wholistic, with a “W”. The Oneness Approach is a Wholistic Approach. It’s best to listen to the best in the world in any field of healthcare that has proven itself successful in helping people. I continue to check how each field connects with and completes the thoughts of another. This way, I’m always learning that while a certain approach may not work for everyone, it may be the only thing that works for some.

Gathering Wisdom

The more we allow ourselves to carefully listen to and “feel into” other people’s effective strategies and beliefs, the more we understand. Our understanding of people’s decisions are also made better, and so our own decision-making is improved, for ourselves and our loved one.

When someone tries to frighten you into their point of view, don’t latch onto that fright. Instead, consider their chosen strategy carefully. When someone gives you information and the time to “feel into” and understand what this may mean for you, consider this chosen strategy, too. It will serve you well!

When it comes to health, never settle

Your body is the “receiver” for your Spiritual Source and all those you know and love. Know your body, love your body for all it does to serve you. Seek out the best in the world. Learn how they think about health. Then make your decisions without fear.

Yes, we will always learn more in the future. And as we do, you will change your mind as you wish, considering all information carefully and Wholistically.

A healthy body is the vessel of a healthy mind, conscious or subconscious. When it comes to decisions health, yours and your family’s, all the more wisdom is needed. Please allow yourself to attend The Oneness Summit, where I will have the pleasure of bringing you the world's foremost experts in Mindfulness, Healing, Wellness, Love, Relationships, Longevity, Brain Health, Neuroplasticity and much, much more.

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