The Effect of Biased Media

Are you angry about something - really angry? We are living in interesting times and there is quite a bit of anger, fear and judgment going around. Every day each news source is providing their slant on the stories they cover. It is difficult, if not impossible to come away from any one source with a fair representation of what is going on in the world. In a word, you are being programmed. The media affects us.

Unfortunately, this is part of a process that we all have in one way or another participated in. When we interact with a news source, we tend to believe what they say. We form relationships with media people we don’t know and who are the best at what they do. They are hired to increase ratings and sell products. They are highly compensated to induce you to like them, believe them and act on what they are selling.

In addition to the products the they offer, every employee of the news source works to have you “buy” the slant to every story they provide. The marketers behind the stories have been educated to subtly, and not so subtly, bias your opinions to benefit their employer. Studies have shown, over and over, such subliminal programming has dramatic effects on the great majority of participants' belief systems and behavior.

The Media Affects Us by Stirring Up Pain

A secondary effect of such programming is that the emotions and the point of view do not stop at controlling how you think and feel about the subject at hand, they affect the rest of your life as well. Marketing experts are taught to “stir the pain” of those who "listen in" to begin the process of inducing mental changes. When someone “stirs your pain” you become more vulnerable to manipulation. Inducing anger, fear or negative judgement disarms your ability to maintain your balance and your point of view. Then biased answers, to the pain they induced, are provided by the emotionally seductive personalities who are provided scripts for maximal effect. Real answers that serve the greater good allow a person to ground and think for themselves.

The manipulation doesn’t stop here. The pain that was stirred does not go away. Remember, they want you to come back for further programming. The marketers know that it is the pain, more than the pleasing personality, that will have you coming back for more.

Another problem is that you now “own” this new point of view and are walking around with the “stirred pain”. This means that you are walking around with a tendency toward anger, fear and negative judgement that you didn’t have before. These feelings will distort every relationship in your life, starting with how you feel about yourself. You then take this energy to your relationships creating conflict where there used to be conversation and compassion. In a way, it has the opposite effect of prayer or meditation. In prayer or meditation, you try to ground your energy and discover the answers that exist within you. In contrast, the media affects us by stirring your pain and trying to tell you how to think and feel.

Limit the Media's Negative Influence

Here are some suggestions that may help limit this negative influence on your life:

  • Begin each day with prayer or meditation.
  • Set specific goals for the day to improve your relationships by 1 percent.
  • Each night, journal the successes you enjoyed improving your relationships.
  • Limit your exposure to the media and any kind of advertising.
  • Choose your sources of news carefully, be aware of their biases and chose other sources of news to offset these biases. Know that we all have our biases and it is good practice to look for them and correct them each day.
  • Actively seek to improve the quality of the news sources you participate in.
  • As in all activities, do your best to participate in activities that help you to create and grow inspiring relationships.


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