pebbles-by-sea-beautiful-sunriseThe Oneness Approach is the belief in our Subconscious Mind’s expansive awareness of ourselves, others and the world we live in. It's intent is to serve everyone, always, as it communicates to you what is working well and how things could be better - for everyone!

Your Subconscious Mind carries within you a constant awareness of all you have ever experienced, a profound awareness of those around you and its connection with all that is. Every feeling that arises from your Subconscious Mind carries a message, a direction for your attention, energy, focus, concentration and your inquisitive nature. Each one of us is a unique universe and as you experience others your Subconscious Minds meld and explore the world you live in. Your Subconscious Mind has a relationship with the world that guides you each moment of your life constantly optimizing outcomes.

Seeing Your Thoughts with the Oneness Approach

The Oneness Approach sees each of your many thoughts as the entrance to all of the awarenesses and understandings of your Subconscious Mind. You learn the importance of even fleeting emotions as you “feel into them”, allow them space and allow them to help you sense your authentic path. The Oneness Approach teaches that you have a distinct sense of self and it is central to understanding who you are, your sense of others and the sense of your purpose and direction in the world. Your sense of self is consistent but complex since it varies moment-to-moment as it processes, grows and adjusts to all that is.

Every thought you generate is a part of you, comes from deep within you and reveals a portion of your internal world. Your thoughts carry meanings, ask questions, coalesce to form stories and reveal what you bring to the world. Your thoughts have a poetic language but always refer to some truth inside you that is requesting your attention. Your thoughts seek to serve you, your relationships and the world.

There is a language that your Subconscious Mind uses when it senses a problem that requires investigation. It comes to your consciousness in a variety of ways. Physical pain declares and provides direction to a need to investigate our body. A feeling of warning may arise if a child seems too close to the road. A feeling of unease may arise if you feel someone is lying to you.

Although there are no pain fibers within the brain there are internal warnings when you are not consciously perceiving things correctly. These can come in the form of being unexplainably angry, anxious, depressed, addicted or judgmental. Each of these is a call from your Subconscious Mind to “feel into” what is going on so that you can discover your truth and return to Oneness Within, Between and Beyond.

What the Oneness Approach Accomplishes

  1. The Oneness Approach helps you to authentically look at yourself and your life and thrive!
  2. It will help you achieve a deep understanding and commitment to all of your Conscious and Subconscious resources to help you see opportunities even before they arise.
  3. You will listen to your thoughts more carefully, enjoy your complexity and become more comfortable with who you are.
  4. You will understand more deeply the language of your Subconscious Mind and perceive areas of potential improvement much more quickly.
  5. You will come to know the function of thoughts and feelings more deeply and promote growth and healing in yourself and others.
  6. In your relationships, you will experience the profound ‘melding’ of two ‘Subconscious Minds’ and enjoy the many benefits deep trust and mutual affirmation.
  7. You will come to trust the relationships you form with the world and sense the value of the greater good to create trust, depth and effectiveness.
  8. Your perceived weaknesses become newly discovered strengths in search of the wisdom to wield them.
  9. Pain in all of its forms will be allowed to serve its purpose, helping you to discern the etiology and heal.
  10. Who you are and the strengths you bring to the earth find the wisdom that creates success!
    • Oneness Within – Internal exploration – Past, present and potential future
    • Oneness Between – 7 relationship types – Each relationship type provides a separate view of the mountain we call the Oneness Relationship.
      • Each relationship as a fountain of potential new awarenesses.
      • Each type of relationship offering a novel view of awarenesses.


If you would like to see these positive results in your own life, consider signing up for a Oneness Approach membership. You can choose the Grow, Heal or Lead membership, or you can complete all three!

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