The Challenges of Intelligence

Are you smart? VERY smart? Then accepting, “I don’t know” as a powerful statement may give you a little trouble. Let me guess, in elementary school, you knew the answers to most questions during class. These days you have even more answers so that rarely can anyone stump you. In your relationships, people come to you for answers… and any answer close to “I don’t know” would not get it!

In a way, this has become a trap. Even if you don’t know an answer, you are left feeling that you must provide some answer. What happens when you have a question? Where do you go? Have you had the experience yet where you need some answer and no one has time for you? You’ve trained them well! They don’t feel comfortable when roles are reversed. Lastly, what happens when things that happen in life hurt and yet defy explanation? Is there a place in your head for those kinds of questions?

Everyone tends to create quite a few of their life difficulties. As with other gifts people are born with, the gift of intelligence is used and used a lot! See Your Personal Strengths and Highest Mind. In school you may have raised your hand to let the teacher know that you knew the answer until people started calling you, “Poindexter”. With these early interactions, you gained a little wisdom with this strength and “value trimmed” the number of times you raised your hand. However, I’ll bet you still raised your hand for the questions no one else could answer. Which is perfectly reasonable

However eventually, you were labeled the person with the answers. Then, people started coming to you with their questions and you became good at it. You became the “go to” guy when people were in any kind of trouble. You enjoyed helping others and enjoyment came with a burst of nerve growth factor in your brain. Your mind was still early in its development. It was busy expanding the best organized portions of your brain towards relationship areas of your brain.

You became insightful in reading into and dealing with others' feelings and problems. That’s great! Do you remember how it felt? Do you remember how it felt…when you were alone? What did it feel like to be you back then? Did you ever try to get to know yourself? You may have been too busy to think about it. You may not have had time to “feel into” questions you had about you. If you did it, it may have felt uncomfortable. However, this was the right direction!

How the Introceptive System Helps You Know Yourself

Your “Mirror Neuronal System” helps you to “feel into” how other people are feeling. Your “Interoceptive System” helps you to feel into your own feelings and know yourself. While you were helping others, you were developing systems that allowed you to relate to and help others. What you may not have tended to as much was the system that connects you to you. When fully developed, it provides you with a comfortable “sense of self”. See Your Sense of Self and Oneness.

Do you feel uncomfortable talking about yourself? Do you feel uncomfortable accepting a compliment - or does accepting a compliment almost feel too good? Believe it or not this is your Subconscious Mind calling you. It was calling you home, to begin a practice to develop a full, rich sense of self. In other words, it is asking you to get to know yourself. This is the system you activate when you take a deep breath and feel the stretch inside chest and abdomen. It’s not “self-esteem,” which is what you think others think of you. It is “sense of self”, it is real and is the seat of the power of your Subconscious Mind. For Master subscribers, see the video Unleashing the Power of Subconscious Mind- Delivering Your Oneness.

"I Don't Know" are Magic Words

This preverbal area of your mind is about five-years-old and can process information in ways that verbally are impossible. It has direct access to your Spirituality. It provides the deep connection you feel in your relationships. Simultaneously, it connects to the world to guide your decision-making. It is very comfortable accepting responsibility for a question when you let go of the question by saying those three magic words, “I don’t know”. As a matter of fact, it can’t fully help you until you do. This also happens when you carry a cup filled to the brim and spill the contents. When you look away, Subconscious Mind takes over and the floor remains dry.

“I don’t know” doesn’t mean you didn’t try to answer the question. It means that, right now, you don’t know the answer. This is the correct answer. This is the honest answer. This is the answer that activates the “sense of self” areas of the brain and body. This is that answer that provides you the best chance of coming up with answer in the future. It works on it while you aren’t working on it. This is the answer that helps you to develop the Spiritual part of you that accepts that there is more to us than we know. See Oneness Engaged Spirituality. This is the space that allows you to answer questions more authentically - to know yourself more authentically. Using those three words also allows and promotes others to mirror you and do the same. You become more present for them and they become more present for you.

Getting comfortable with the words, “I don’t know”, allows you to integrate all aspects of your life and become comfortable with “who you are”. Helping others is a part of your life. By sharing with others all that you are, they will more fully offer to you all that they are. Future questions will formulate back and forth between you. Answers will be discovered and shared and almost magically serve you both!

If you still feel the need to love and know yourself on a deeper level, get complete and instant access to the Oneness Approach video library and community by signing up for a Oneness Approach membership!

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