Common Features of Ancient Wisdom Literature

There are common features to ancient wisdom literature no matter where in the world you find it. Much of this literature stands the test of time as well. Someone writing thousands of years ago (the Torah) from earlier verbal tradition in the middle east offers similar advice derived from Toltec traditions (The Four Agreements) in the Americas and is used by present day readers to extract life’s essential meaning.

Many spiritual traditions claim divine revelation as the common source. In a variety of ways people have received the essential meaning of life and passed on this ancient wisdom to others. Initially, this was through verbal traditions that appear to have remained quite accurate over hundreds of years. Eventually, the information was written down and continues to serve us to this day.

Ancient Wisdom and Things Beyond Words

To truly be able to understand life’s inmost meaning requires that we be able to put into words the meaning of life, death, suffering, pain, loss, old age, disease as well as happiness, joy and love. In every type of ancient wisdom literature there is an acceptance of the verbally unknowable. Precise verbal definitions of God, Spirit, vibrations, Chi, Tao and spiritual energy just aren’t possible. There is something within us that is able to “jump the gap” and believe in something that goes beyond what words can provide. Pictures, poetry and other forms of art provide additional understanding but can’t define the unknowable or the whys of our existence.

And yet we believe - even when we say we don’t. Our mind is constantly seeking to understand the unknowable. We need answers as to human sickness, old age and death. These aren’t theoretical needs, these are answers that we need to live. Something inside us cries out to know. The grieving process demands that we come up with answers to these losses, or we suffer. Something inside us demands to know why we live at all. To thrive, we must know what is important us and why, or everything eventually falls into the basket of “You live, you pay taxes and you die”.

Subconscious Mind's Answers

Our Subconscious Mind has been with us before our birth. It remembers everything we have ever been through. It stores this information pre-verbally and is connected to each of our senses constantly. It is aware of everything around us. It “feels into” with mirror neurons everyone we talk with. And it processes all of this information throughout our body twenty-four hours a day.

Lastly, it serves us. It serves our every need. We stand up and it raises our blood pressure. We lay down and it lowers our blood pressure - every day, all the time. When we speak, it provides the next word out of our mouth. It not only provides our Conscious Mind an ongoing filtered assessment of our senses, it checks in on every thought, feeling and action we have before it allows it to express.

To feel into all of the resources of your Subconscious Mind it helps to come up with words that describe what the Subconscious Mind does for us. We each are separate beings, but with the power of the Subconscious Mind we become as one with everything and everyone around us. Subconscious Mind enjoys things that are like you. Subconscious Mind enjoys things that are not like you. It enjoys deep connection with your Conscious Mind, the minds of others and everything else.

It is the seat of all you are. And yet it has the countenance of a five-year-old and all that it asks is that you know that it exists, always has been and always will be. It is the great majority of all your mind has to offer and it reaches for you every moment of the day.

We all believe in something because we must. We are biologically wired to come up with verbal answers for our existence and these answers provide us both moment-to-moment direction in all things and peace.

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