Do you leave little piles of various things here and there? For example, things that need to be put away, taken downstairs or taken out to the garage? Do you leave a dish here and a sock there? Does your home seem to find a way to remain cluttered no matter how many times you try to clean up? you think that there is at least a slim chance that you or someone in your family has ADHD?

ADHD and Hyperfocus

One aspect of ADHD is to focus so much on what you are doing that you tune everything and everybody else out. People call this “hyperfocus” and this ability can be used to maintain your concentration on something you enjoy for extended periods of time. When you were young it may have helped you with video games. Now you may notice that you can totally focus on a person or project much more than others.

The issue around this ability to hyperfocus is that everything else drops off of the planet. Have people ever asked, “How could you not have heard me?” or “How could you not have seen the note I left you?” or “Don’t you notice how the people you work with are feeling?”

When you are in this hyperfocused state, an atom bomb could go off and you may or may not notice that you and others now glow in the dark. (I’m kidding!) This also explains why when you are done with a dish, there it remains! When you wash the white clothes, people end up pulling their clean underwear out of the drier for the rest of the week. And walking down the stairs to put something in the basement isn’t a serious consideration as you can just add it to the stack at the top of the stairs.

What is Hyperfocus?

But what is hyperfocus anyway? It is an area of your brain that is organized exceptionally well. With this area of your brain you can get things done in a way that amazes those around you. It can help you to remember details that others tend to forget. It can help you see processes that help you to make a friend as you make a sale. Now, let’s talk about how you can expand these abilities while simultaneously keeping your home more tidy.

The trick is to expand your focus to include more of a relationship you want to expand. This guides the area of your brain’s superior ability to grow to and include the part of the brain dealing with that relationship. In the case of YOUR home, the relationship that we want to improve is your relationship with yourself (or your Spiritual Source). This means that you will want to learn to expand your hyperfocus to expand your self-compassion.

Expanding Your Personal Gifts

The Grow membership of the Oneness Approach teaches how to improve each of your relationships by one percent a day. This includes your relationship with yourself. Try this, for the next week, each morning: say to yourself, “I’m not going to walk around the house empty handed. Before I leave one area of the house, I will look to see if there something I can either put away or take to another part of the house where it belongs.”

This may seem simple but it grows multiple areas of the brain that are very helpful. As you expand the area of your brain that is involved in your ability to hyperfocus, you are expanding your total awareness. This expanded awareness can then be used to include the feelings of those around you and the paperwork that needs to be finished to complete a sale. In other words, when you develop a neurological strength in one relationship, you take this same strength and use it in another.

It’s about expanding your personal gifts and talents. It’s about neuroplasticity and growing your brain’s interconnectedness. It’s about growing compassion for yourself and others. It’s the Oneness Approach and it’s about expanding your awareness!

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