Iceberg above and below cold waterWe’ve all heard the old saying, “It’s hard to let go.” It’s instinct. Survival. Control. But to let go and feel into what your mind tells you allows you to build trust into your intuitive nature.

Everyone wants to enjoy meaningful lives. Everyone wants to discover and develop their natural inclinations. Everyone wants to convert and optimize these inclinations into skills that lead to inspiring relationships. This is your Conscious Mind setting you on a particular path. And you take a step, an action toward your goals.

But then your Subconscious Mind pipes up in its soft little voice and tells you, “I don’t think that would be wise.”

Which one do you listen to? And what did I mean by ‘feel into’?

The Conscious and the Subconscious Clash

We often find ourselves ‘torn’ because the Conscious and Subconscious differ in a lot of ways.

You are more aware of your Conscious Mind. It gives you a distinct type of awareness. It is that insistent voice in your head. It represents about five percent of your processing ability. But the remaining ninety-five percent belongs to your Subconscious Mind.

Your Conscious Mind is simply a lens that helps focus your Subconscious Mind’s abilities. Your Subconscious Mind is like the ocean’s driving current and power, while your Conscious Mind is the visible waves and surf you see.

Your Subconscious Mind will be right more often than not. But in the same way the surface waves of the sea rock ships, the Conscious Minds pushes us with more force, and you may find it hard to let go of a goal, a particular approach, or the ties with a special friend.

Your Conscious Mind thinks in a linear fashion. It’s your ‘one-track mind.’ When you decide to go to a certain restaurant or movie, and find it’s not available, you find yourself disappointed and annoyed.

This happens even though nothing has changed! Incredible, isn’t it? Thirty minutes previously, you couldn’t have cared less! Your Conscious Mind is directional and can get itself going quickly, but lacks the depth to be able to, by itself, steer you toward best actions and reactions.

Your Conscious Mind moves in a straight line, while your Subconscious Mind ripples out in a lake of everything you’ve ever known. It can see in all directions, to optimize your “here and now” decisions. It bases those decisions on what has been learned from the past while maximizing your future opportunities. It thinks both logically and “out of the box”.

And…when it disagrees with what you are Consciously thinking, it will “bubble up” an emotion to let you know. That’s what I meant above when I said feel into.

For example, while still eating your third piece of pizza and gazing longingly at the fourth…a feeling of guilt may bubble up!

Feel into and Integrate

So…back to the question. Which one do you listen to?

You consciously want something, and your Subconscious Mind is “bubbling up” its concerns, sending you an emotion--a feeling of guilt, a feeling of unease-- to make you pause.

When you feel into the concern, your Conscious Mind explores your Subconscious Mind for answers…and support.

For example, while driving a car, your Subconscious Mind suddenly asks you to glance to your right. Most often, your Conscious Mind finds the reason and allows your Subconscious Mind to look into it further.

What happens when you don’t initially see anything? I would suggest that you at least slow down!

When you ignore clear subconscious messages to let go, you are ignoring the greater part of you. Your Subconscious Mind loves you, watches over you and in many ways… is you! To listen to your relatively small Conscious Mind would be tantamount to allowing that little runt to play god.

This reminds me of another saying, “Let go and let God.” Your Subconscious Mind reaches out to your Conscious Mind for an understanding of your relationship to your Spiritual Source. When Subconscious Mind wants to feel into something, it often directs your Conscious Mind to call upon your spiritual understandings to organize and optimize its decisions.

So…no matter what your belief system, you are wired to listen to that little voice inside you.

The next time you really want something and/or are struggling to let it go, tell yourself, “I’m going to let go and allow my greater self to ‘feel into’ all my options… and to keep me safe.”

What are your most memorable decisions made after a tug of war between your conscious and subconscious mind? Let me know in the comments! Join me and explore the vast possibilities your mind offers.


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  1. Kimberly Wilson
    Kimberly Wilson says:

    I think one of my most memorable struggles between conscious and subconscious mind occurred a few years ago. I had a very good job, lots of responsibility, was part of the management team and participated in making decisions for the good of the company as well as its employees. I traveled to other divisions to assist with problems, etc. I was recognized as an integral part of the company. My conscious mind was telling me ‘YOU LOVE THIS!’ My subconscious mind was telling me you can’t keep this pace up; it’s killing you. Even though my health began to suffer, I ignored the little voice telling me to slow down. The little voice was telling me to take care of me and connect more profoundly with who I really am. I had identified myself as a hard worker, one that everyone can come to and I would fix all their problems. I was always ‘on’, even on weekends. Then my subconscious mind began tapping on my shoulder with much more intensity so as to not be ignored. It was like “HEY! Are you listening to me?? How will you be remembered? As a hard worker?”
    I hesitantly turned in my notice but knew in my heart this was the right thing to do. Conscious mind was fighting me tooth and nail. Since resigning, I have been living my life with greater joy and peace, and continuing the discovery of who I am.

    Peace and all good things.

  2. Michael Seng
    Michael Seng says:


    Inspiring message!

    What relationship strengths were being tested while you were there and what wisdom do you now carry as you certainly continue with multiple abundant strengths!


    Dr. Seng

  3. Kimberly Wilson
    Kimberly Wilson says:

    Dr. Seng,

    I believe trusting my inner voice was the hardest test that I worked through. I found every reason in the world to override the 95% of who I am (that little voice). I based my actions on my conscious mind messages because that was not only a whole lot easier but BECAUSE THAT’S WHAT I THOUGHT I NEEDED. I felt ‘NEEDED’ and I liked it! It stroked my ego like nobody’s business. BUT, that was only a very, very small part of who I was. And now that I am much more in tune with my authentic self, I listen more intently to that ‘little voice’ and act accordingly. If I hear a little voice or feeling, I know to listen to it. It is ME protecting ME.


    • Sid
      Sid says:


      How do u decipher that little voice from the self-defeating thoughts? I am in a mental and spiritual crisis from ignoring my subconscious guide for many YEARS, through self denial and feelings of unworthiness. Now I am trying to find that guide so I can have peace and wholeness but the voice has become a very angry person. How does one reconnect with the inner self when the selves have warred viciously for so long?

      • Michael Seng
        Michael Seng says:

        Good question… it is something everyone is working on one way or another. Here are a few tips:
        1) Realize that your inner voice is about 5 years old. She is and has been trying to ask you questions for years. BUT, you need to see these thoughts as questions and not run with them as truths. So… “I’m an awful person!!” becomes “Am I an awful person?…if not… what is going on right now and how can I better deal with it?”
        2) Talk to her as a loving parent would their beautiful child. Prepare yourself through relaxation, meditation, whatever centers you.
        3) She is always on your side, she is for you… she is you…
        Let me know if this helps..
        Dr. Seng


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