"I'm Not Guilty"

Have you ever looked so guilty about something you didn’t do that you know that even you would think you were guilty? All the evidence points to you - and only you. Many don’t believe you. Many more chose not to believe you because they don’t want to get involved. But thankfully, a precious few choose to talk to you about it, look into your eyes, and believe you! Thank God! But why do they believe you? How could they be so sure? And, how can you make sure you make these kinds of friends in the future?

You truly exist in two worlds. One where your Conscious Mind is aligned with your Subconscious Mind and one where it is not. Your Conscious Mind holds about 5-10% of your processing power and your Subconscious Mind holds the rest. When going through life unaligned, you walk around in a “superficial read” manner. When living aligned, you taste the essence of your life journey.

Living Aligned: The Poetry Behind Words

Try this. Read a poem just a little bit faster than you usually do. Now, just a little bit faster! Do the color and the meaning of the poem become simple statements? The life of a poem is held in the spaces between the words. When we provide no space, as we read the poem more and more quickly, it soon can feel lifeless and become a waste of time.

If you think about the way you live, I believe you will find the same thing is true. When you feel rushed you may get a lot done but the time you spent rushing will likely feel pretty empty. Living this way for a week, a month or a year can lead to a feeling of lostness and you might begin thinking, "What’s the point?"

When you live this way, the people around you experience you in this way. They see you. They talk to you but they don’t get the opportunity to listen to the spaces between your words and experience your Oneness. You want them to experience the 95% of you that loves them and really cares. You want them to see you, understand you and you want to share your essence with them.

As you do, they will slow down and align their Conscious Mind with their Subconscious Mind. They will begin to read the poetry behind your words. They will really see and appreciate who you are. In this style of communication, your nonverbal communication will expand to say much more than words ever could. They will engage with you at ever deeper levels and a sense of trust will form that is deeper than words.

Living Aligned to Create Opportunities

Living aligned, living in Oneness has many benefits and is certainly much more fun! Others in your life will feel the same and it will show. And, when you need them, they will show up for you. Life has some pretty strange twists and turns and can feel like a roller coaster at times. When you are living in an aligned way, in Oneness, each experience becomes an opportunity to love and care about each other even more!

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