Wise use of music can get you in touch with your life purpose, your personal strengths and inspire you to deliver them with passion! Mindfully listening to meaningful music is a practice in delivering the intent you want to bring to the moment. The right energy, gentle focus and laser-like concentration creates a deeper exploration of subconscious motivations - the food of your spiritual journey.

There are times when distractions keep you from your path. Something is said that negatively resonates with memories from your past. Anxiety and anger erupt as these old memories fight for answers that will give you peace. Left untended, these thoughts will find their own groundless answers with addictive self-soothing like food, video games, pornography or alcohol.

Surprisingly, the initial memories that started this cascade fall away. They are forgotten, leaving nothing but anger, addictive self-soothing and judgmental rejection. The mindful use of music helps you to sense God reaching for you, guiding you and helping you transform and integrate these old memories for His purpose.

Exploring Your True Self as a Child of God

Before you think, feel or do anything, you are able to sense who you are. This sense is generated through your mind/body connections (interoceptive system). This system provides the ground for your subconscious connections with others (mirror neurons) and all others (recurrent loop circuits). From this place you chose, "whose you are". Your brain sees everything in relationship, even your sense of self. This challenges you to choose "something greater than yourself" to partner with, to identify with and to live for.

Your choice will provide your ultimate perspective on life...and death. This light will shine on everything and every decision you make. This one perspective is held as the truth you walk with to love, learn and grow wise. Everything else is seen and integrated into your memories with the flavor of "whose you are". This unique perspective is the warm drop of water you offer in life’s ocean. From deep within you, between you and others…and beyond, your wisdom reaches out to all others. It serves to generate God's love and compassion for everyone and everything.

When in meditation and prayer, you take the time to touch the ground of your being, your relationship with God. Choosing a specific time and place allows your subconscious mind to align and actively participate with your practice. This allows for what Dr. Ronald Siegel refers to as queue dependent learning. In addition, this "formal practice", "informal practice" helps you to extend these efforts into the rest of your life. Your formal practice might be a 10-minute meditation, twice a day at home. You might choose a breath meditation to help train your mind to connect deeply with God. This deep inspiration can become your queued “way back home”. Your "informal practice" then could be a single deep breath each time you feel a little anxious or angry throughout the day.

The Power of Meaningful Music

Another queue to “lead you back home” can be music you carefully choose to play during prayer, meditation, or even while you shower or exercise. Both Karen Drucker and Mark Romero have dedicated their lives to produce the kind of meaningful music that both heals and leaves a sense of wholeness. The words and the music itself are both important. Focusing on the meaning of the words is the practice of living each moment of your life authentically. Whether you feel the need to expand, heal or simply be, your relationship with God will color the meaning of all that surrounds you. Knowing the music, the musician and their intent, plays in the background of your mind, intensifying the effect.

Each morning, as you return to what Thich Nhat Hanh calls “Your True Home” (in meditation) and Christians call “Your relationship with God”, consider your relationships and the day ahead of you. Listen to your music during morning meditation or prayer. This can become yet another form of informal practice as the music will return to your consciousness throughout the day. It will allow you to ground in the moment and express to your ultimate intent in the moment more clearly. It will allow you to walk with your wisdom and truly see all that He has prepared for you!

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